Don’t Quit Now

What now?  I’m sure many of us are beginning to ask ourselves this question…or something similar to it.  Instead of a glimpse of the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel,” this week many of us saw restrictions tighten and a much longer quarantine than we could imagine become a reality.  The “new normal” that seemed doable a couple of weeks ago, for many, is taking on a very different feel.  And is starting to show its effects with increased anxiety, fears and worse.

The best intentions to stay positive, to reach out instead of inward,  to take advantage of our imposed circumstances for the better – they seem to be waning.  Not only are our enthusiasm and positive attitudes fading, but our energy is draining as well.  I’m right there with the majority.  This is not a rebuke but an encouragement!  However, now is not the time for an extra nap during our day..or for one more hour of Netflix.  Nor is it the time to give up…or give in.

We began these weeks of quarantine determined to do it well.  We asked God what He could teach us and how He could use us…and we were eager to see Him work. Now the monotony is beginning to set in – but God is still working.  He still wants to teach us, mold us and still desires to use us during this time.  He is still preparing and perfecting us for the weeks and years long past the days of quarantine.  Now is not the time to become tired or complacent.  The enemy would love that.

Spend much time in prayer.  And in God’s word.  That is the source of our strength, our direction, our motivation and what we need in order to “press toward the mark.”  Doing so today will determine how we look back at these days – with too many regrets or, rather, able to see how God worked and gave victory!

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Now

  1. I’ve had a few “days of waning” but so far, by the grace of God, I have fought through them and been growing. I have been more faithful in my daily devotions. I have been mailing letters (remember those – haha). I have been doing what I can to serve God despite the restrictions we have. God is good, and God is God even when things don’t seem good. You are right, we will look back at this time with regret or victory. I choose victory.

    And a few extra naps.

  2. It’s kind of funny how a nation
    that places pride in pioneers
    finds itself in situation
    like life upon the vast frontiers.
    Akin to sod house on the prairie
    or gold-panner’s lonely hut,
    life’s reduced to ordinary
    tasks and duties…um, well, but
    we have Netflix, we have phones
    on which we work digital will,
    and we need not gnaw the bones
    of meals that we have had to kill.
    Perhaps best not raise a ruckus
    for closed lobbies in our Starbucks.

  3. I love how you chronicled the thought progression from the beginning to the now of this.

    It reminded me of what we went through after Hurricane Michael hit us in 2018. The similarities between the two are eerie.

    You know, they say it takes thirty days to form a new habit. I guess we’ll all be in the habit of deep prayer and reflection when all is said and done.

    1. Thirty days for a new habit….here’s to concentrating on the helpful ones during these next 30 days (or more?!?!)

  4. I appreciate your encouragement and uplifting message. I find myself praying before I step out of bed in the morning and when I fall into bed in the evening. And many times in between. Hoping through all of this, many of us will develop a stronger relationship with God. And through these difficult days, we are becoming closer as families, closer to friends and neighbors and more supportive of our communities and our first responders and our leaders.

    I am looking at this time as a reset. And an opportunity to spend time doing some things that are really important.

    1. A new to reset is a wonderful idea and goal! My brain is starting to get sluggish…I need that mental reset! Thanks friend. And thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Jennifer, hi! Yes, your words are encouragement today. This is not the time to give up. It’s the time to refocus on what matters most. This Holy Week is a perfect invitation.

    Especially for those of us that Lent passed by …

    Bless you.

  6. I really love this message. I needed it today. I’ve found myself somewhat between the intersection between sad, happy, depressed, devastated, exhausted, hopeful, and more – at any given time. I really need to wrap myself more in prayer, especially during this time <3

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