Don’t Take My Picture – and Other Things to Feel Strongly About!

This post will either be the weirdest post ever – or totally entertaining.  Let’s hope for the latter.  It is time for Leslie’s Ten on the Tenth and the topic is ten things we “hate”….or strongly dislike.  Funny, raising my children, they were not allowed to use the word hate.  Not 100 percent sure why or how it started – I suppose it is such a strong word and the tendency is to use it way too casually – who knows?  But, even now, I find myself looking for other words when describing something I really (really) do not like!

Yes, there are some things that we are supposed to hate.  There are things that even God hates.  But, for the sake of this post, I sticking with the idea of an “intense dislike” (as in raw tomatoes!!), a “strong aversion” so that I want to avoid (as in any meeting that allows for an open-mic situation) or things that just make me go UGH!!  In absolutely no particular order:

1 – did I mention tomatoes?  That one has to be at the top of the list.  But, in the food category, I would also include rare to medium-rare cooked meat.  I do not eat meat….but sharing a meal with someone who orders and enjoys their food woefully undercooked really does, well, ruin my meal.

2 – poor table manners.  Sometimes I wonder if table manners even exist anymore.  All sorts of manner.  But someone talking to me with a mouth crammed full of food while we are eating – that is the worse.  Which reminds me….

3 – buffets.  I should clarify.  Dining with family or friends and serving the food “buffet style” is not a problem.  But buffet-style restaurants.  You know the ones.  The whole idea of food simmering over hot water for who knows how long and way too many people hovering over said food just does not appeal to me at all.  But the worst part is that one person (or three) who insists on piling their plate until it is a miniature mountain of food – two helpings of every offering on the buffet all at one time.  It’s just gross – and no thank you.

Enough about food.

4 – talking politics.  For the most part, it really does not interest me.  But, when I do (ever so politely) join the conversation, my blood pressure immediately rises.  Either from the insanity of the topic or the ridiculousness of how passionate (ie, angry, hateful, opinionated, etc) those in the discussion often become.  I avoid these conversations at all costs.  That actually leads me to….

5 – making small talk.  You know, chit-chat.  Or as one definition said, “it is polite conversation about unimportant things.”  Maybe I’m just not that polite.  Maybe it’s the unimportant things.  Either way, I’m not good at it and, therefore, tend to avoid it which, admittedly, makes me seem a bit standoff-ish.  Sigh.  Very closely related to this (or maybe to number four above) is talk radio.  Ugh.  Doesn’t talk radio just make you want to bang your head against the wall?  Or the steering wheel??

6 – shopping.  Well, not all shopping.  I do not enjoy grocery shopping but I would not say I hate it.  Clothes shopping is frustrating, at best, and even depressing.  I very much put it off.  But, shopping for and/or buying a car – the worst!!  Why is it such a miserable experience??  Could definitely fall in the hate category and something I rarely (if ever) do.  Thank you, sweet husband.

A few things I really (really!) do not enjoy doing – but still do.  Occasionally.

7 – ironing.  Worst chore ever.  Hubbie used to take all his clothes to the dry cleaners.  Now that he has retired…not so much.  I still do not iron much but more than I used to iron – and more than I want to iron!

8 – going to the dentist.  I have friends who actually enjoy going to the dentist.  How can that be?  I will say I have “good” teeth (whatever that means) and my dentist visits are typically just for cleanings.  But, I still put it off as long as I can.  As in, too long.  For the record, I also avoid doctor appointments, physicals, and just about anything remotely medically related.  I have no idea.

9 – exercising.  No doubt it is as good for me as getting my pearly whites polished or other routine maintenance, but I loathe it.  Loathe – isn’t that a pretty word for hate??

A just a few random extras – all lumped together (in order to fit into 10 on the 10th!)

10 – school zone lights on when school is not in session, winter, cars at stoplights with music so loud even my car is jumping, rude customer service, wearing masks (I just had to sneak that one in there), people who “just let me check that text” when we are in the middle of talking, being late, junk mail (what a waste in so many ways), wasting food and getting my picture taken.  UGH.  Totally should have made that number one!!

I hope this post was not offensive.  I hope you chuckled and/or found yourself saying, “Me too!” once or twice.  You can see what other things rankle others here!  Have a great week, friends.  Let me know what you really dislike:)

10 thoughts on “Don’t Take My Picture – and Other Things to Feel Strongly About!

  1. These are fabulous! I can not stand buffets at all; the food is lukewarm at best, who knows how long it’s been sitting there and how many people have breathed on it… (because let’s face it a lot of people look under those shields!). I don’t iron. Well, sometimes I have to iron but we have to be going to a funeral or a wedding for me to drag that thing out and I’m most likely adding wrinkles into the clothes because I have so little “practice” with it.

  2. School zone lights on when school is OUT of session— UGH. One of my biggest pet peeves. This was a fun list to read because we always talk about what we love, never what we dislike. A few things I dislike- bad grammar (written AND spoken), people taking God’s name in vain, inconsiderate drivers on the road, ironing (my husband does that for us!), shopping for swimsuits, seeing/hearing myself on a video, MASK WEARING (our mandate gets lifted this weekend!!), people who believe every little thing they hear and then try to spread that fear, I could go on and on…needless to say, Jesus and dogs are my favorites. Ha!

    1. A lifted mask mandate??! What a gift – something to shout hallelujah over!! Yes, I am just a bit jealous. Enjoy!!

  3. So glad you joined me with your great list. I can say ditto to most of these. The blaring music at the stop light…YES!! And the school zone thing…although, I also strongly dislike when folks blow through school zones at 50 mph when school is in session. I often honk at them!!

    Funny how many of us dislike the dentist – not the person but the appointments. And small talk. Maybe many bloggers are also closet introverts. I often forget to say hello when I send emails…or to ask after the health of the person I am writing. I just jump in – straight to the purpose of my mailing them.

    Tomatoes would have gone on my list with melon but I have learned to tolerate both. My mom would be proud.

    I have never liked (so I guess I dislike?) saying ‘hate’. It is a terribly strong word. And there is nothing I dislike that much except Hitler and the Holocaust.

  4. I was definitely nodding along with many on your list!
    I’m definitely with you on the anti-buffet comments – I would always try to pick things from the back of the table where less people have been breathing on them. Also, would I leave food out uncovered for that long in my own home? NO! I used to work for a travel company and we once had a dreadful outbreak of food poisoning in a hotel and it was traced back to someone sneezing over a buffet table – YUK!
    Interesting how many of us non ironing dentist detesters there are 😉

    1. Sneezing at the buffet – oh gross!! One more reason…..

      And, yes, lots of non-ironers out there….LOL!!

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