Dreamin’ of the Beach

As I was driving through the neighborhood this afternoon, I noticed the leaves are really starting to turn. Several all almost completely bright red. And the evenings definitely have a briskness to them (perfect for our evening stop at Starbucks for that lite pumpkin latte!!). Oh..so fall – but I’m headed to the beach!! How cool!

Hubbie and I head to Hilton Head tomorrow for several days. The weather should be perfect and water still a nice temperature (not that I would ever get IN the ocean but I love to walk the edge of the beach and splash my feet). There will be no crowds – in the restaurants, on the beach, or in the stores! And I have lots of books and other reading material to simply laze the day away!! I can’t wait.

Oh, and the computer, we believe, did not exactly crash but is broken. Yep, that’s what they said. But it is going to the computer doctor while we are away and I should be sharing lots of great photos when I return. Praying everyone has a wonderful week!!

7 thoughts on “Dreamin’ of the Beach

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Sounds like soooooo much fun!!
    Hope you both have a truly great time and looking forward to those pictures. We have never been to Hilton head but we know some people who have and they say it is wonderful.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. i want to be at the beach tooooooo….. boo virginia. expect rascie is the happiest!! 🙂

    is the computer not here? i could go downstairs and answer this question myself but soooo much effort 🙂

    love you and i hope youre having a fantastic time!!! enjoy your new hair dryer!! 🙂

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