Evening Shake, Anyone??

Project: 52 Photos – week two

And this is “my world” this week. Oh yeah – meal replacement shakes. So not the most exciting photo ever but I want this project – at the end of the year – to be a reflection of my life..and rigth now, my life is all about dieting. I started back on my diet on Saturday and that first week, it just seems to consume my thoughts. I know it doesn’t stay like this but that does seem to be the case in the beginning.

And there is more to my diet than shakes – oh please. That’s just what I was having last night when I got ready to take pictures. I try not to blog much about my diet – really, who cares – but I am trying to learn a lot more during this time and process than simply losing weight. Right now – it is all about discipline….and goodness knows, there is much to learn about that!

PS – and, yes, those are the old (and unattractive) counter tops….soon to be gone:)

5 thoughts on “Evening Shake, Anyone??

  1. WOW…A shake huh? I am impressed….I honestly don't think I could do it. Though I have been considering posting a day's worth of "my" meals…just for the record you know? I know what you mean though, that first week on the diet does kind of consume your mind..haha…Have a wonderful day my friend, and keep up the good work. I weigh in this morning so we will see how I've done. HUGS

  2. Good for you! Keep up the good work…it's definitely well worth all the extra effort! See you tonight. "R" sings a solo part in the girls choir tonight. 🙂

  3. You are better than me. I cannot do the shake diets. I have to eat…there is something about the chewing that helps me to feel full and satisfied. But if it works for you, go for it! I will pray for you…it does take discipline and LOTS of it!!

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