God is Involved Even in the Details

In the spirit of recent end-of-year school testing…..Which of these does not belong with the others??

Missions  – and missionaries.
Senior saints.
Writing – words, words and more words.
Trail mix – with dark chocolate:)

Well, actually, all of these go together (didn’t mean for that to be a trick question!) especially in reference to me and things I love – am even passionate about!  Can one be passionate about trail mix?  Not sure, but I do love that tasty snack and, with dark chocolate….the absolute best!!  The other three simply reveal what really makes my heart sing!  Whenever and however I can be involved with any of those three -but especially missionaries or senior saints – is the best of time for me.
I have been privileged to go on two foreign short-term missions trips – and they were life changing for me.  Some of the lessons learned while on these trips continue to impact me daily.  If it were possible, I would take one of these trips every year.  When I stopped working last year, I was not sure if I could ever afford another trip!  However, at the beginning of this year, God laid on my heart another trip – scheduled for next month.
I was able to put down a deposit but had no extra income or any sign of money becoming available in order to pay the balance.  I did not want to go back to work – but I needed a paycheck.  I wanted a paycheck without a job…or, at least, without a long-term commitment job.  But those don’t show up too often.:)    But God.
But God – two of the most encouraging words for any situation!  I was having lunch with a friend and happened to ask about a friend of a friend of a friend (who used to work in her office)…..which led to the conversation that my girlfriend’s office had a temporary position available in May.  Just for two weeks.  Simple receptionist type duties (no training).  Easy.  And would I be interested?  Well, yes.  Thank-you.  We never really discussed the salary.  I trusted my friend and was just thrilled to have any amount to apply towards my trip.
But God – I got started last week. It has been super quiet.  I am, basically, “office sitting” while the staff is off-site with their annual convention.  Before the head of the office left, she casually mentioned my paycheck to my friend.  For the exact amount needed to pay the balance of my trip!  I never mentioned this to my friend.  To anyone.  God was involved in all the details – better than I could ever imagine!
God is always involved in the details.  He is concerned about the details.  The little things.  And all the things that matter to our heart – and that make our hearts sing!  I know this – but a reminder, every now and then, is always a blessing.  Be reminded yourself – and be encouraged!  No matter what may seem impossible, feel impossible – is (on our own) impossible, remember…..But God!
(and yes, the photos are some clues about my trip!!)  🙂

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