Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Dear Jordan,

Truly, I cannot seem to wrap my head around the idea that you are 20!! How is that possible??? Twenty years ago today (April 12th) you rushed into the world just a bit ahead of schedule (did you not get the memo you were due on MAY 12th??) and scared us all when you didn’t cry right away. But not to worry, you cried for the next nine months – nonstop! What was that all about?? And then…..you were the happiest boy the world ever knew!! 🙂 You were..and are..a joy. Your laugh is infectious and your smile contagious. Your sense of humor – the best. You have never known a stranger – the world was your friend – and you still are the guy that everybody likes. I smile even now as I think back on the past twenty years…what joy you bring to my heart!!

And with the joy comes pride. You are now longer even a teen – you are a man. And you have grown to be a man that I am so proud of…a man who loves his family, is a loyal friend and is proud to be serving our country. What can the next twenty years have in store – the possiblities are endless! I am excited to watch your life continue to unfold. I hope you always know just what a joy you are to me.

Have a wonderful birthday, bud!! Love, Mommy

Daddy’s Little Man

There’s That Smile!!

Had to include this one with your sister (just to see if she was paying attention!)

Boy?!? What is going on with those shoes??
Who cares…you had a snow cone and life was good!

Looky there….doing your homework – and smiling!!

You Da Man:)

I love you, Jordan!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jordan!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan!! That absolutely adorable little boy has grown into SUCH a handsome man. How proud you have every right to be of him! The time does just fly by soo fast ~ I know just how you feel. One minute you are reading bedtime stories and packing school lunches, and the next you are watching the front door for their next visit. ENJOY every moment you can, and may all his dreams come true. HUGS…

    Hope you have just the most Wonderful Day possible!
    and Thank You for being willing to serve our country, what a fine young man you are, and handsome too! The ladies love a man in uniform!! lol
    And you have a Mom that love love loves you and your dad too, I am sure!!
    May the Lord just pour heaps of blessings on you today!!
    Again, Happy Birthday Airman!!

    Nellie from Florida
    P.S. My hubby was in the Air Force

  3. Happy Birthday, Jordan!

    Wow! Can he already be 20? I know that you and Hubbie are so proud of him! I'm thankful for young men like Jordan who are willing to serve our country!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for coming by today.
    I meant to tell you earlier that I gave the book and card to Pat yesterday at church, and she seemed eager and excited to get it. So I am sure you will probably hear something from her at some point.
    She is a sweetheart too! She is doing amazingly well, but of course, she has bad days. She said somedays she gets up and feels strong and then and hour or 2 later she will be crying. My heart just so goes out to you ladies, cause I can only imagine how hard it is!!
    Thank you and bless you hon for reaching out to her, that is so
    lovely and sweet. You are a blessing my friend, what can I say!!
    May He heap Blessings Galore onto you! Nellie
    and I will pray that a lil visit from Jordan might not be too far away.

  5. Jennifer, you would love the Farm Basket. It was so much fun and the food was good! And I enjoyed shopping at J Crew. You and I should plan to meet sometime and eat at the Farm Basket. I would love that!! Hope you have a good week. Love & blessings from NC!

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