How Big?? So Big!

Don’t forget about the giveaway….I’m excited to see several already joining in the fun:) If you missed it yesterday, just scroll down to the previous post. Also, just wanted you to know that you do not have to have a blog to leave a comment and enter the drawing. If you’ve never left a comment before, now is the time! I promise, I do not sell you information to any annoying phone solicitors…..your identity is safe with me – ha, just kidding. But I would love for you to be a part of the giveaway!

As for Friday with Friends this week, I am feeling patriotic….so let’s share about the Fourth of July – either your plans for this year or a great memory of a past Independence Day celebration! I’ll share my favorite family photo of all times:) I hope you will join us.

Just a couple photos from my trip – and tomorrow I’ll share the birthday pictures (and then no more family album shots…at least for a few days)!! 🙂

Absolutely loves this little farm set. Basically takes the animals in and out…and in and out – but just beginning imaginary play. I think she looks so not like a baby here!! Did you know that if you measure your child at 24 months, you can double that height to see how tall they will be as an adult. My pediatrician taught me this and it worked spot on for my children. Of course, we measured Riley – so how tall do you think she will be??? (Her mommy is 6’1″ and daddy is 6’4″).

Who knew a couple slides inside the mall could be so entertaining?? But don’t get me started on parents who drop their kids there and then leave them unattended!! It doesn’t really matter how old your kids mights be, if they are bullies, they need constant supervision!

Oh yea – M&M World! We have a great time just walking into this store – and there were free samples even! This is Miss Roo with her mommy….and, for the record – Riley should be 5’10” when she grows up!! HA…everyone was just sure she would be so much taller. Actually, I think her mommy and daddy were disappointed?!?! but I think 5’10” is perfect! (don’t ask how tall I am)!! 🙂
Yep, I miss her already!!

4 thoughts on “How Big?? So Big!

  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for coming to visit my blog and leaving me a comment. I have just briefly browsed your blog, and I am so dreadfully sorry to read of the loss of your son. I cannot imagine that kind of pain.
    You mentioned not understanding my saying we were achy and breaky, my husband and I? Well, 6 weeks ago while on a fishing trip to Mexico, he came down with kidney stones and went to a hospital in Mexico for the pain. He was given a shot, and it was given incorrectly, right into a nerve. He has been suffering terribly since then with horrible pain. He is being treated, but with little improvement. And last week, I got shingles? The doctor says from stress. So…we are quite a pair!!!
    But hoping to be better soon.
    I will come back again. Love your patriotic stuff!!!

  2. loved the pictures…..I don't think you need to stop showing them! 🙂 I heard that rule too from my pediatrician. I will have to look back and see if it was accurate. I don't remember! 🙂

  3. Loved all the pictures of sweet Riley…she's at such a fun age! I'm glad you had a great visit with her!

    I don't think I had ever heard the height rule, so I will have to check out R and D's 24 month height… 🙂

    Please enter me in the giveaway…you know I love Americana items!

    By the way, I did not eat my breakfast outside the other day…the pictures inside the house were just way too yellow, so I decided to try outside, and sure enough they turned out fine! All this technology stuff is great, but sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth!

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