Things to Hate and Things to Love

I finally persuaded Erica to keep a blog going….and she is doing such a great job of it. Daily updates on my sweet granddaughter – even her first real boo boo! – and great pictures, too. We love getting our daily Miss Riley news!

The other day, Erica had this cute meme which I thought I would share…..mainly ’cause I’m short on time today. Its simply five things I love and five I hate!

Five things I love:
mornings – I know, really goofy to a lot of people…but the perfect time of day for me!
spending time with my children – just being together is great…although way too much ice cream is consumed
pumpkin anything – and right now, its those lattes at Starbucks but just about every magazine lately has a new pumpkin recipe
sharing stories/talking about Tyler!
going out to lunch with my girlfriends

Five things I hate:
winter – I try to embrace it with yummy, hot drinks, comfort foods and cozy quilts but, truly I hate the never-ending cold
exercise – again, I try…but I just hate it
these extra (??) pounds that just won’t ever go away – see previous entry
when Hubbie is not feeling well – he is NOT a good patient (grumpy!)
finding a 2-inch long black hair on your breadstick while eating out – GROSS!!

Have a great Tuesday~

2 thoughts on “Things to Hate and Things to Love

  1. We love being with you too! Although I strongly believe there is no such thing as too much ice cream. (Tony and I both learned tonight though that too much Mexican food is a definite possibility.)

    Also, I completely blame you for my obsession with all things pumpkin and my detest for all things winter. ALSO for dragging me to skanky olive gardens 🙂 I LOVE YOU!

  2. Oh my gosh Jen! A long black hair in your breadstick? I about gagged reading that! Thanks for the laugh though 🙂 I love you!

    Oh yeah, entered the contest too! Thanks for the info!


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