No Point to This–Really

I really, really need to find more time…no, make more time to post.  Actually I just need to do it! “Making more time” seems to be a recurring, ahem, excuse of mine lately – and not just with posting on the blog.  But that is totally a subject for another day…. Because, frankly, I am surprised how often I find myself thinking…”oh, I have got to post this….” and then I don’t.  I then I forget (because my brain is totally incapable of storing information, important or trivial, for more than 24 hours – tops.)  And some of this stuff is stuff I’d actually like to remember one day:) For instance…. **  My son – the former airman….who, btw, is 21! – and I were on a mini road trip yesterday.  We both needed to make a trip down to Richmond, our illustrious capital, about an hour and half from home.  No need to go alone…we made a day of it and had a great time together.  We love to talk and get into good conversations!  I always enjoy these talks – especially since Jordan actually values my opinion…so nice for a mama.  Anyhoo, we had been chatting and thinking – and chatting then reflecting.  When, clearly out of the blue, my son (did I mention he is 21), says quite seriously “I really miss being young.” Really. Welcome to my world.   ** or the other day at church, a few folks were discussing a parenting book – some thought it was totally a “no-go” (for lack of a better word) while others really liked it.  One mother – whose only daughter is TEN MONTHS – and apparently was one who likes the book said “Well, we’ve raised Sarah with that book and she is a very good girl….” RAISED Sarah??  Check back with me in 13-15 years and we will consider your opinion on child-rearing then.   **and just one more story.  Not sure if this one is to make you smile or well – you decide.  Remember the two sets of candle holders I bought at my favorite home store?  So, I went to return one pair.  Quick. Easy.  Right? Not for all of us.  My refund was to be $20.98 in cash.  After the drawer opens, the cashier pulls out a twenty and begins to count some quarters.  I (like a goof) said, “Can I just give two cents instead?” Looking a bit puzzled, she said, “Sure.” She drops my two pennies in the drawer – and begins to count the quarters again.  (??)  I said,  “No, with the two cents…you just give me a dollar instead.” Total deer in the headlights look.  But she shakes her head ok and then pulls out a dollar – and puts my twenty BACK in the drawer.  She hands me one dollar.  (I hope you are as dumbfounded as me at this point.) With much more patience than I was actually feeling, I told her – “I get the twenty, too!”  I am not exaggerating when I say she was one hundred percent lost.  But she said “okay” and handed me the twenty.  (Good thing I didn’t ask for that there fifty, too!!) I don’t know but this whole new math thing still has some serious kinks to be worked out.  Totally reminds me, last night at the store I overheard a young guy (about eight, I guess) tell his mom – while they were looking at price tags, etc.   “Mom, I know this one….seven plus zero equals 70”!! Please let that be a joke.  But she congratulated him.  “Good job, son.”
So, really, this post served very little purpose – except, perhaps, to give you a glimpse inside my brain.  Which can, indeed, be a bit scary.

10 thoughts on “No Point to This–Really

  1. oh, THAT is so funny…"that there fifty" was just begging to be yours! I have had similar experiences confusing people who can't make change.

    And the 10-month-old who doesn't talk back? Yep, gonna be a perfect child for the next 20 years.

    Great stories!

  2. wow, i know i've been gone from blog land for over a year, but when did Jordan get out of the military?! Seems like yesterday you were going to visit him for graduation! So nice to see you again. I'm hoping to stick around for a while!

  3. I'm so glad you took the time to write those things down! None of them needed to be forgotten because they are all priceless! Already being an old soul at 21… already being an expert parent with a 10 month old (I laughed out loud at that one!) and never gonna have even a whisper of a chance of being something like an engineer with the atrocity that is new math. Yep… you covered it all!

  4. I got a good chuckle out of this! Especially the gal who thought she had "raised" her 10 month old! Precious! Little kids…little troubles…big kids….big troubles. She has no idea.
    Math…uh, yes, kids don't know how to count change these days. Or type. Or write in cursive. Shame really!

  5. Oh Jennifer I got some good laughs tonight, haha…And I am right there with you on the random thoughts. I amaze myself how all over the place my head can be…OK, now let's see…first, I am glad you got some time with your son. Precious isn't it? And truly is it soo sad how many kids working those registers have NO idea how to give change. The computers figure everything for them, and they stand there clueless…sad really. And all I can really do is laugh at the young mom…if she only knew. I feel the same way about posting too. I think that's one of the reasons mine are always soo long…I put several days worth of activities together with my random thoughts, haha…Hugs to you! Debbie

  6. This was a great post! I've had that "change" thing happen to me as well and I was completely taken aback that the cashier had no clue what I was telling her. I don't think they teach that in the cashier classes. And the thing about your son was priceless! You've raised him well! And to think, you didn't even need that book! Enjoy your day!

  7. Turning 21 years of age has a way of making us moms feel very OLD, doesn't it? Brittany will be 20 in February and I'm so not ready! Oh, what I'd give to be YOUNG, again! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post. It was so funny. The parenting one definitely brought a smile to my face and the change one had me outright laughing. Though it is sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing what's in your brain. 🙂


  9. The change thing…that has happened to me more times than I can count. Sad that so many cashiers are completely dependent on the computer. Glad you finally got the right amount!

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