I’m Home Again – Hooray:)

HOORAY!! That is my word for this Monday…so many things to praise the Lord for today and…just for fun, to shout – HOORAY!

Hooray – for a wonderful trip! So many wonderful memories made and great stories to share. I also have lots of pictures but, honestly, have not even loaded them to the computer yet. I hope to share lots from our trip in the days ahead….if you can stand it!

Hooray – for HOME! As wondeful as the trip was…I love to come home! Two weeks is an awful long time to be gone – and to be so completely “out of touch”! My heart truly longs to be at home:)

Hooray for my church family! Goodness, did I miss church while we were gone and it was great to be back yesterday. I love my friends…and my church family and it was wonderful to see everyone again yesterday. And we started a new Sunday school lesson that I was “just in time for” about the fruits of the spirit – yesterday was just the introduction but it is going to be another great series.

Praising the Lord for His protection not only on us while we were gone but also on my family here at home. There were some challenges but God’s protection and goodness were evident and I am so thankful.

So much to say – and I am anxious to get around to everyone’s blog to catch up a bit and say hello:) Still have quite a bit to do today to get things back “to normal”….I did make it to the grocery store and restock the fridge (just in case you were wondering about my priorities!) and today I need to finish laundry. (My suitcase just arrived yesterday…two days after me. Apparently, it needed a few extra days in Paris!) So, enough for this Monday morning. Hello to all my blogging friends…and

HOORAY for Monday:)

9 thoughts on “I’m Home Again – Hooray:)

  1. WELCOME BACK!! I have missed you for sure but am soo glad you got this trip. No place like home though is there? I think the longest I was ever away was 16 days. It seemed like forever. I am soo looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing about your adventures, but settle in first. It does take soo long to download those pics on the computer sometimes too huh? HOORAY! Your back! HUGS, Debbie

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