It Takes More Than Just a Plan

When it comes to a plan, I typically think of four “people” involved.  Those people might better be seen as necessary parts to the plan and the plan could refer to all types of things – but anything that starts as with an idea until it is executed or finished.  A house renovation plan.  A financial goal.  A dream vacation.  A creative way to expand your ministry – or begin a new ministry.  It may be personal, family, or even involve a group.  To put it simply, a need and its solution.  Who are these four “people”?

The creative genius.  The one who envisions the solution and/or creates a plan, sets the goal, etc.

The critiquer.  The one who reviews or analyzes the plan – and is good at making suggestions to better the plan and tends to encourage.

The criticizer.  The one who sees and/or focuses on the problems with the plan.  Even if the problems are legitimate, this person tends to be much more of a discourager than a help.

The completer.  The one getting it done.  Making it happen.

At different times and with different projects, I can be any one of these.  There are situations and goals where I am all four of these.  I would say, however, I am most often the creative one.  The planner.  The list maker and idea generator.  I appreciate the helpful critiquer.  However, while honest criticism is often needed, I can be (too) easily deflated and derailed by the criticizer.  Without a question, I struggle the most being the completer.  Simply getting it finished.  This is true on many different levels and with all types of plans.  Sometimes I over plan and overthink making things overwhelming and much more complicated than they need to be.  I can also be my own worst enemy and criticizer.  But even when all that is sorted, there are times – more than I care to admit – that I just need to

I realized this as I was considering today’s prompt:  remedy.  Most often associated with a cure or treating a condition, a remedy is also a solution.  “Something that corrects a fault or a problem.”  These were my thoughts.  More often than not, I know the remedy.  I have a solution – or I can devise one – just as easily as I create ideas and plans.  I just need to do it!

Just some quick, five-minute thoughts for Five Minute Friday.  I’m curious, how do you most often see yourself?  The creator of a plan.  The critiquer with honest evaluations and helpful solutions.  The glass half empty criticizer.  Or are you the completer?  Let me know in the comments.  And have a wonderful – productive – weekend.  Get something done:)

9 thoughts on “It Takes More Than Just a Plan

    1. Hi Deirdre…glad I am not the only one who gets defeated before even started:) Thanks for stopping by –

  1. I live my life without a plan,
    I blunder through from day to day,
    and when pressed, just raise my hand
    and laugh, “Hey, dude, we’ll find a way!”
    Forgot the road on which I’ve come,
    it’s all behind, the past is dead,
    and so I just blithely run
    to what disasters lie ahead,
    and disasters there may be,
    for none can skirt the dragon-lairs,
    but I just take a quick selfie
    when their hot breath singes hairs
    and then turn cartwheels down the road
    with no cares, nor any load.

  2. So true, Jennifer. I believe I’m a combination of all four depending on the situation. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.
    Visiting from FMF#5

    1. Paula – so glad you stopped by today. Thanks for commenting – and blessings to you as well!

  3. I think I am a mix of all four. I like to think that when I am in the criticiser role it is constructive criticism, because sometimes you do need to see the other side of the problem in order to solve it. I am the kind of person who enjoys a plan, right from the starting point of realising what needs to be done, through to bringing it to fruition. There are often snags along the way, but that only makes you feel all the more accomplished when the task is done!

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