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My, sweet blog friends truly do know how to make a girl feel better!! I so appreciate everyone’s kind words – and the great suggestions for working out the next couple weeks before Christmas. You truly did have some great ideas:)

I’m off to work this afternoon – and spent most of the morning wrapping and boxing those gifts that have to be mailed…as well as another surprise that I can’t share yet (wouldn’t want to spoil the fun if a certain someone read this post!) But did want to share one “little” thing….

That’s right – my sweet airman is headed home and we will pick him up at the airport on Saturday! I think it will be a perfect Christmas – no matter what gets done or not done!! Oh my, I am excited.
Sure hope to get around to everyone’s blogs tonight when I get home. I want to see what you have all been up to lately. Blog friends are some of the best! Oh, and one more thing – more “NEWS” tomorrow!!

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  1. Oh Jennifer I am sooo excited for you I can hardly stand it!! What wonderful, wonderful news…your so right too…no matter what happens now, gets done or doesn't get done, you have already gotten the best present of all. And if you are already putting packages in the mail you have just blown past me, haha…I only have one that has to mailed, and hopefully I will get that out tomorrow. I have shopping that hasn't been done, and NO wrapping whatsoever. I just don't know what my problem is…I just can't seem to get it together…BUT!!! I am celebrating with you tonight…yay, yay, yay…I'll be back for your news tomorrow…HUGS

  2. Yay! SO HAPPY Jordan is coming home! I'm so glad you guys get to spend time together this Christmas. I really thought he would be WAY overseas in Afghanistan or something so was happy to hear he was at least in Florida! And THEN I hear he is coming HOME and I was SUPER happy! Just bummed I don't get to give him a hug myself but I know he'll get plenty when he comes home. You'll just have to keep telling him that you're making up for all those losts months of no hugs 🙂

    Love you Jen!

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