Making Candles

Happy Tuesday!  I think spring is here.  And, this time, I think I really mean it!  Such a beautiful
day!!  The passing of winter is so good for me – in many, many ways….and just one example of its positive effect is the increase in my creativity.  I’m not actually that creative but I do have a creative side (I think we all do!) where I like to express myself.  I (too) often find myself envying others’ creativity – whether it is found in a bountiful garden or manicured yard (like my dad) or in the kitchen while baking or creating wonderful, homecooked meals (just like my mother)….or maybe in the craft room, the art studio, through a photographer’s lens or even in beautifully wrapped gifts.  My creativity may not impress anyone, or ever win a prize, but it feels good to me and I am learning to embrace what I enjoy doing – simply for the pleasure of it.

Yesterday, I tried candle making.  For sure, I started out simply.  Of course, I found my “inspiration” online – you might be inspired yourself with this blog – Farmhouse on Boone –  by Lisa.  She also has a YouTube channel which I really enjoy.  She had the easiest step by step instructions for making beeswax candles.  And she made one in a crock – which I thought was cute.

I found my crock at a favorite consignment store and bought the wax, as well as the wicks, from Lisa’s links on Amazon.  The whole process was not quite as easy as she made it look but it was fun and I was happy with the end product.  I definitely need another try or two – but I’m okay with that.  The creating was as nice as the cozy flicker later in the evening!

I have also been learning to crochet!  Also something that looks much easier than when you are actually working at it.  If I am ever able to complete a project…I will share that creativity another time. What have you tried creating lately?

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