Missin’ the Beach

This morning started off decidedly cooler than mornings have been these past weeks (or months) – a real drop in the temperatures. I’m sure it will warm up perfectly this afternoon….a real sign of fall on the way! With school just around the corner, it really feels as if summer is winding to an end. I thought I would pick some random pictures from my “archives” to share and came across these beach pictures – from last year!

My beach hunk:) and I did not make it to the beach this year! Actually we have not been on vacation – yet! We have the “vacation of a lifetime” planned for next month…and it is fast approaching! I’ll have to give some details later…..

What is it about sand, and seagulls and surf?? Love it.

Maybe we can still work in a quick weekend to the beach??! Who knows? But hope you make the most of these last days of summer! (and to all my Texas friends…hope you get a break from that heat soon!) ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Missin’ the Beach

  1. Hi Jennifer. Yes, it is a wee bit cooler here today too. Thank goodness. We have been melting!
    Can't wait to hear the vacation destination!

  2. Awe! Look at dad rocking his "beach wear"….so cute! I hope you are able to make it to the beach once too! We've only been once this year and it's kind of sad considering we have it right at our fingertips! Maybe I'll prompt Bob to make a beach trip with me soon. He's not HUGE into the beach like I am but he'll go for the nice break ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love ya!


  3. Hi…Like Kris said, we have had a bit of a relief today thank goodness…we have been sizzling…we have our first trip (and last, haha) beach trip of the summer planned for tomorrow. All of my boys and their kids will meet down there for somewhat of an end of the summer/John's (middle son)birthday. I am soo looking forward to it. I LOVE the beach. I honestly think this might be the first time that we haven't already been down there several times by this time of the year EVER…I am anxious to hear of your vaca plans…Have a WONDERFUL week-end my friend…HUGS

  4. Hi, Jennifer!! I'm a TX gal, and yesterday we actually had a breeze!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    About my header … I used Coffeeshop Rita's tutorial on making a slideshow header. It was actually less complicated than I thought it would be!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. We went at the end of May, and I am really wanting to make a trip back, but it will have to wait till after the grandbaby. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming vacation. Have a wonderful weekend. Jackie

  6. I loved catching up on your blog. I can so relate to cleaning the front porch. It seems to always be dirty and dusty and our railings, well, covered in bird poop!

    Love the pictures of the beach. We haven't been in 2 years either and I do miss it. Can't wait to hear where you're heading! Must be exciting. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hi Jennifer~ I was getting ready for church this morning, praying for some friends who have dropped off their children at college this weekend, and the Lord brought you to mind. I know that as you continue to miss Tyler and watch the others his age head to college – it must be bitter sweet. Just wanted you to know that I prayed for you a lot this morning. The Lord keeps you on my heart often, and when He does, I turn around and lay you back onto His.

    With love~

  8. We got a nice break from the heat for a few days here in Arkansas, but it's back. Not quite as hot as it was though.

    Made the cowboy cookies on Friday, there are only 2 left. I did put the coconut in and they were really good!!

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