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I sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Mine was very special. I did get to hear from Jordan, who is feeling much better and should be realized by the doctor this morning and able to “get back to work” (did I mention he had been very sick?!)….but Em, bless her heart, was pretty much flying solo this weekend – and, my goodness, how sweet she was!! She really spoiled me all day. Her love language, I believe, is gifts…and she gave me gifts all day – slipping them into places where I would happen to find them. It was fun…but, of course, her sweet notes and cards that came with each gift just make my heart melt.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my own mom yesterday! It has been three and a half years since she left for Heaven….it seems the older I get and as I enter all these new life phases – oh, I miss her! As I thought about my post this morning, I really wanted to share about her; however, much I would like to remember and to say, is still too personal for me. Maybe one day I’ll get some of my thoughts written down to remember…but, for now, I would love to share a gift from my mom – one of my prized possessions!

Mom made this cookbook for me as a wedding gift. It began as a collection of some of her favorites….all handwritten by her. It is an amazing labor of love. It has lost its cover and its quite worn, but it is a treasure. Mom was an AMAZING cook and if there ever was a love language…Mom’s was “gifts of service” and especially cooking for those she loved! If there was something to celebrate – and there was always at least something to celebrate – she did it with a mouthwatering meal! All of life’s events centered around the food…..that Mom would plan, prep, and prepare for days – weeks – in advance in order to make sure it was something perfect for everyone! (Then when that meal was done..she started on the next!!)

Her collection of recipes were all done by hand (before the computer age, believe it or not!) and had to be thought over, for sure, to include specifics because she never used a recipe. I am not exaggerating when I say I have TRIED to recreate these recipes but they are not even close to Mom’s but the memories are the same……wonderful, warm memories of my mother and her deep love for me, my brother and my dad, as well as her friends, family and anyone who would share a meal at her house! I miss you, Mom!

10 thoughts on “My Cookbook from Mom

  1. What a special memory book. My mom made cookbooks for my sisters and I which I love but I still find myself calling her for the recipe instead of looking it up! I am glad that you had such a lovely Mother’s Day because you are such a thoughtful and lovely person! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that your Mother’s Day was so special…sure hope Jordan is on the mend! I know how it feels to be without your mom…my mom passed away 8 1/2 years ago and I think I miss her more and more everyday. What a treasure to have the cookbook your mom made you! I love that idea!

  3. I loved this post!!! Thanks for sharing…I too have things I would like to share about my mother, but I couldn’t post them. I guess God is still healing hurts within me.

  4. That is so wonderful.. what a special gift from your mom! She gave you a piece of herself, and that becomes more and more precious as the years pass. Praying that Jordan continues feeling better.. and glad that Em was able to express her love in her own special way. Sending hugs your way… (and maybe you could share some of those recipes on your blog… hint, hint…)

  5. Okay – today was Day One of our “Biggest Loser Gloggin’ Style”. I prayed today that you were “filled with all the fullness of God” Eph 3:19!!!
    I can’t wait to hear how well you did NEXT Monday, May 18th!!!…BTW in pic #3 little boy was “hamming” it up like he normally does.=)

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