No Wooden Spoons

I hope this post doesn’t get me into trouble, but yesterday I mentioned my mother and the touchy subject of discipline with grandbabies and it reminded me of a great story. I thought I would share it today at Lynette’s Walk down Memory Lane – a fun way to remember some of these great moments!

When our children were little, my parents lived in North Carolina…about seven hours from us. It was a bit of a drive but we made the trip to visit them about every three or four months. That’s right…it was sometimes a challenge and a long drive with babies…and all their stuff….but we made the sacrifice for the grandparents – Oh wait, I’m sidetracked. If my little granddaughter is not living at your house, you can disregard that last, pity-filled sentence. 🙂

Back to the story – on those occasions that our children were, um, naughty, and needed discipline, we would spank them with a wooden spoon. Okay, I know my parents supported discipline (I well remember it) but only on the occasions when it was completely necessary and they were truly convinced such occasions never occurred with their three sweet grandbabies! However, I sometimes had to disagree.

Such was the case one afternoon at Mimi’s house. I told my daughter to wait for me upstairs and went to the kitchen. I opened the drawer and, hmmm?? That’s odd. I opened another drawer….what??? I opened all the drawers and, I am not kidding when I tell you there was not a wooden spoon to be found!! I’ve mentioned before that my mom was an amazing cook – with a well-stocked kitchen – but this particular weekend, there was not a wooden spoon in the house!!

I have to admit, I found it pretty hysterical! And, I have considering making my home a spoon-free zone…but, then again – I’m sure its not even a concern. What could this sweet little one possibly do to be naughty!?!?

7 thoughts on “No Wooden Spoons

  1. Cute story!

    Miss Roo looks too angelic to even think about getting into trouble. 🙂

    By the way, I enjoyed your post yesterday, but forgot to comment. Have a lovely day!

  2. That is a great story! My mom is the same way. She had no problem spanking me, but it grieves her when mine get a spanking. She may know they NEED one, but she can’t stand it.

  3. Loved your story, Jennifer! I think most grandmas are real softies when it comes to their grandbabies. No way on earth could that sweet little one do anything to warrant getting in trouble!

  4. That story is TOO CUTE! I bought my mom-in-law a “padded” paddle with “Grandma’s Paddle” written on it. She got a real kick out of it! ☺

    I’m proud to hear that you’re taking a biblical approach to child training. So many want to act like spanking isn’t right. BEATING a child isn’t.. but a swat on the sittin spot can quickly bring a bad attitude into check. ☺

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