This is one of the latest pictures of Miss Roo…caught while she is busy playing at the park. I love the genuine look of childhood in this picture. But….is it just me or is she growing up way too fast?? She seems to have lost all the look of “babyness”!! Where does the time go?? And did I mention she and her mommy are coming for another visit in just two weeks?? I can hardly wait!!

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  1. WooHoo! Two weeks!!! I bet you are beyond excited! 🙂 Are they coming for your birthday? I know you all will have a wonderful time together, especially since it's warm now! Lots of fun things to do and wonderful memories to make…

  2. What a precious pic, I still think she looks a lil babyish.
    I can bet hubby had to scrape you off the ceiling when you heard they
    were coming to visit!! lol
    I am so happy for you, cause I know what a thrill that will be for you.
    She is sure a cutie, and boy they do grow up fast don't they???
    sorta wish you could put a brick on their head and slow them down a bit,
    too bad it want work!! lol
    You have a simply delightful day my sweet friend,
    Blessings Galore, Nellie

  3. Jennifer,

    I love you! Precious picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    I know what you mean about longing for Heaven…….I'm with you, girl, 100%.

    Thankful that until then we can share life with each other even if it is just through blogs and emails….maybe a "REAL" visit will happen soon!

    Love you!

  4. Hi

    I came back looking for your e-mail address but couldn't find it anywhere…I just wanted to forward you the letter that told me how to change my html for the bigger page. After you change the html you have to use the 3 column backgrounds even though you only have 2 column which is of course no big deal. Almost all of the sites have 3 column designs. I LOVE my page with the bigger columns as it lets me use the ex tra large pics and yet still decorate my page like I like too. I didn't figure ANY of it out on my own. Kristi from Rush Hour (the one who does the cakes) figured it all out and then sent me an e-mail telling me just how to do it. They are pretty detailed as I am such a dork, haha. I will send you the letter if you send me your e-mail. Then if you have any questions just let me know, cuz it is SUPER easy to do this. My e-mail is Ok, guess that's it for now…HUGS

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