Promises – not Platitudes

The last several weeks have been peppered with sudden and unanticipated deaths.  More than just a couple and all were people of my age – in their mid-50s.  It is very sobering, to be sure. Any death, but especially those that are so unexpected, can lead us to question and ponder many things.  I have heard these questions and, as well, have heard many of the answers:  God makes no mistakes.  God is sovereign.  God’s ways are higher than our ways.  As well, as the comfort to the loved ones left behind:  God will never leave or forsake you.  God cares and sees your tears.

But I also recently heard someone say that she did not need any “Christian platitudes” – or what she considered trite responses to her grief.  Oh, but these thoughts are not simply platitudes.  They are Biblical truths.  No doubt, they have been used without real understanding or meaning, and therefore seemed empty.  Perhaps there have been those hurting who have felt misunderstood because God’s promises were offered without empathy – and that is such a sad thing.  But the reality is these are great promises and we should not be ashamed to claim them – and share them – in times of great sorrow or other trouble.

And I need these truths for myself.  I need to remind myself of God’s goodness, His mercy, and His faithfulness.  I need to remember that He not only sees the bigger picture, but He is also in control and He makes no mistakes.  Now is the time for me to rehearse these things – before I find myself in the middle of a storm.  I think of it has “suring up” the foundation.  To “sure up” is to make more secure.  Much like the pictures of those preparing for the recent hurricanes by sandbagging their property, Bible truths support the foundation of faith that my life is built upon.  And the time for making sure support is in place is before the rain falls.

The wise man builds his house upon a solid rock.  He keeps the foundation firm with reinforcements so that it continues to withstand storms – even flood type storms that threaten to destroy.  Don’t be afraid of God’s promises.  Claim them.  Rely on them and don’t fear the floods.  Then you are able to share them – with confidence and with love –  with others who are hurting.

4 thoughts on “Promises – not Platitudes

  1. I’m so sorry for these losses in your life in recent days, Jennifer. I’m lifting you up in prayer as I tap away here.

    May His promises be sweet and sure to your heart …

  2. Death is difficult and hard to understand. I have experienced loss in my life and I do feel I was delivered a number of Christian platitudes. You have given me a new way of looking at the promises of God. Thank you for reminding me I need God’s promises too.

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