Thanks for Checking on Me…..

Better late than never..I guess. It has been almost an entire week since I last posted and I thought I’d simply wait until next week for a new post – but, I just can’t help myself. I miss my blogging friends and I miss “keeping updated”! A bit back, I started a part-time job…just a few hours a week and just to keep me busy. It has been awhile since I have been working and I must say the paychecks are fun:) They support my HomeGoods habit…but those few hours a week have really thrown me for a loop as far as getting into a new routine – and my time on the computer as really taken a back seat. I am still working on the details of a new routine – I THRIVE on schedule – but I totally indeed to be blogging regularly. I have enjoyed visiting my friends this evening and catching up:)

I noticed a couple friends have running lists of blessings building on their sidebars for the month of November…..and I had planned to do something similar. I know I’m behind but I think I will catch up and join in. So much to be grateful for…and the perfect month to purpose our hearts to do so. (Now, let’s see if I can get it added to the sidebar….)

Happy first week of November, friends. Hope your “thankful month” is off to a beautiful beginning:)

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  1. Hello, dear one. I know I've neglected you; I've been totally shameful in the blogging world as of late. There are so many things going on that my "cyber world" had to, as you say, take a back seat. You went for almost a week without blogging; I don't think I've updated my main blog since July. I do post once or twice a week on my photo blog, but I'm NOT doing well with the blogging thing.
    I wanted to ask you to pray for a family that I met at the Lighthouse Family Retreat back in 2008. They were volunteers, but the previous year, they were a retreat family as their son recovered from a bone marrow transplant from leukemia. They are amazing… TOTALLY. I remember a lot of our retreat families from that year, but not as many of the volunteers; we were too busy to make too many bonds. But Mark and Julie TOOK the time; they knew how important life really is after watching their Andrew go through BMT. I was totally heartbroken yesterday to hear that back in May, just two months shy of his 5 YEAR anniversary (the one where you send up balloons and get to use the word "Cured"), he was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. Ugh, ugh and triple, screaming, flamingly angry UGH! I hate cancer, and pediatric cancer stinks! If you have a chance, please visit and leave them some love. They have hit a particularly rocky spot in this road, and I know they appreciate all of the prayers that come their way.
    Love you, friend….

  2. I was wondering if everything was okay. Glad to hear it is.

    I left off Sundays on my list so that is why a day was missing.

    So far it is going good with the cleaning. We'll see if I can keep it up…

  3. I have been slacking off with my blogging also–and I don't have a new job for a reason!;) Some computer problems and trying to get some projects done around the house.

    But I love my blogging friends- nothing like them!:) So I've got to get back with it and be more regular.

    Amen to your previous post about voting. I had seen that picture before and it just floored me.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hello Jennifer~
    How fun to stir things up a bit with a new part time job! I haven't blogged for over a week either, just getting over a little flu bug!
    Thanks for taking the time to visit me tonight and saying hello!
    I enjoyed that!
    Hope your November is filled with blessings!

  5. Hi!! So glad everything is OK and you are just super busy. How exciting to have a part time job…I'm impressed. Don't know if I could do it anymore, haha…And yes, it has really been over a 100 here for the last 3 days though we did get a break today and it suppose to drop WAY down tomorrow thank goodness…I am soo done with heat. A fire sounds wonderful. Had a good time with my mom tonight…she is soo much better…practically her old self (though we did lose, haha…we play boys against girls) Have a good week-end!! HUGS, Debbie

  6. Good to hear from you; I pray the change of a new job and the witness of fall brings you a new lift in your spirit.

    Thanks for stopping by and joining me in this season. I count it a privilege to share the road with so many wonderful people.


  7. We lost our son, Joshua, in November 2003. He was in a car accident. He was driving but the road was wet with rain, he hydroplaned over an embankment and the car landed bottom side up on his side. He was air cared to UC but never came to. We had to say goodbye a short 12 hours later. I certainly admire your faith in God. I believe in God, but I am so angry at him even after 7 years. HOpefully I can regain my faith and lack of fear of God through your blog.

    Your Tyler looks so cute. Tell me about him.

    take care-

  8. I wanted to express my sorrow over the loss of your son. So glad God has been faithful to sustain you, but I know the hurt must be awful. You have a lovely blog here. I saw your link on an At The Well post.


  9. Hey there! I just wanted to say that I was happy to see that you visited Rebecca at Turned Loose. She was the dear one who left the very first comment when I started my blog. So, she is special to me.She is a smart lady and has some neat things to share. Looking forward to YOUR next post!! 🙂

  10. You were certainly missed! Glad that you are well. I can totally understand how work can disrupt the routine we are used to. Hope you find one that works out well for you and keeps you in touch with your blogging friends!!

  11. Morning Jenn,
    Thanks for coming by this weekend,
    and for your sweet well wishes for us on our Anniversary and for our son as well. Always look forward to hearing from you.
    Hope all is well with you hon!!
    Have a great week ahead.
    Blessings, Nellie

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