The Small Things in August

A look at the small things in life.  My second installment.  I began this purposeful noticing of – and appreciating – the simple things last month.  Just a random reflection on the everyday things in my world that I might otherwise overlook, or miss, and that I want to remember.  Here are just a few from the past few weeks.

Something I accomplished.  My son has been home for almost a month.  He will be gone next week this time…but I won’t focus on that!  For the most part, we have simply enjoyed all being under one roof again.  Lots of laughing.  Tons of talking.  And we have tried to do a few of our favorite things.  He loves to hike.  My husband enjoys hiking as well.  Me?  Well, I enjoy hanging out with the two of them…so, one day a couple of weeks ago, the three of us went hiking.  We were in the mountains along Skyline Drive in Virginia….and it did not take two minutes (into a four-hour hike) before I knew I was in way over my head  Way over.  The path was straight up and nothing but rocks.  I will admit the view at the top was awe-inspiring.  I will even admit I felt pretty pumped once I finished…but the hours of walking, hiking, climbing in between were not pretty.  Truly – not pretty.  But, I did it.  Admittedly, there are not a lot of options – other than finishing – once you get so far into it but I was rather proud of myself for not dying.

A few, random, things I’ve been reminded of.  I am not athletic.  At all.  As in, I am even terrible at corn hole.  If it involves aim and/or scoring points by getting anything (ball, bean bag, marble, you name it) into a hole….then, you do not want me on your team.  Just being honest.

I am a country(ish) girl.  Not sure if I genuinely used to consider myself a city girl or I simply wished I were (it seemed so glamourous and chic) but – for sure and for certain – I am not a city girl.  My heart is just happy when I’m surrounded by a cornfield.  Mind you, I don’t want to dig, tend or harvest said field but I long to be among the crops and even the cows:)

I’m so glad I am a vegetarian.  No need to elaborate but my son is a carnivore.  Literally survives on meat.  My house smells like meat.  My refrigerator is full of uncooked meat.  And, I’m glad I am a vegetarian.

Finally, I am about as artistic as I am athletic.  Our family did some pottery painting this month.  Something we do every August.  I have heard that everyone is creative….we just express it differently.  I suppose that may be true but I definitely do not express mine with paint.  Paint on canvas.  Paint on pottery.  Or paint just about anywhere.  But pottery painting as a group activity is still a lot of fun.  I just set my expectations way low!

Something that made an impact.  Everyone has a story.  I know this seems obvious.  Or, goes without saying.  But it is not only easy to forget but it also is easy to simply view everything (and everyone) through the lens of our life.  Our past.  Our perspective.  And make conclusions (and assumptions) accordingly.  But, everyone has their own story.  I spent a couple of days with several friends from church this past weekend.  Friends I see primarily at church.  We had such a good time together and really enjoying the extra time to talk.  To laugh.  And to share a bit of our story.  Several times, I found myself thinking, “I had no idea.”  And it was a good reminder.

I also had to step away from volunteering this month.  There was a difference in opinion and of policy regarding current events and I chose to step away.  I doubt it will be the only time.  But just as I enjoyed – and even appreciated –  hearing my friends’ stories, I need to remember everyone has a story.  I don’t have to agree completely with someone in order to learn their story.  To value their opinion.  To appreciate their story.

3 thoughts on “The Small Things in August

  1. Jennifer, I appreciate your invitation to seek out the small blessings. They are all around us if we only have eyes to see.

    And we need to celebrate each one now more than ever.

  2. Oh I can imagine how much you have enjoyed having your son home, and understand your decision to join in with the hike in order to spend as much time with him as possible – even though you knew it would be a ‘little’ out of your comfort zone!

    1. It has been super nice having him home! We were actually hoping to get in one more hike, but the weather is not cooperating. Maybe that is a good thing:)

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