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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Loved the first for today. A great reminder. I am finding the more things I find to be thankful for, the more there are. I have
    gained so much from doing a thankful thursday post everyweek.
    Are you finding the same thing???
    Your son is so handsome in his uniform, and tell him how much we all appreciate his wonderful sacrificial service to our country and our God, and give a hug and thanks to his family, you included!!
    Loved your post on waiting, that is so true how you can be going along and feeling that direction and all the sudden it stops, and you are thinking did I sin Lord or do something wrong, and yes, sometimes that is it, but sometimes I think the Lord is just wanting to teach us something new and teach us to walk by faith instead of sight. Boy, it's hard tho!! lol
    Sorry to hear about your sweet elderly friends, that is a hard situation we will all have to face one day if the Lord tarries. Not too fun to think about I must say.
    I will sure pray for them, and for wisdom for whatever is best for them. Sure hope they have children somewhere that will come to there aid if needed.
    Thanks for coming by and your sweet comments about the rest of the story. Did you get to read the first part?? If you get a chance you might want to it, the title is Happy 39th Anniversary,
    our story. Tells our love story.
    You certainly have had a full week and so have I. Good that you got some news on your home, when do you think you will be moving in???
    Before Christmas??
    Well hon, whenever it is I hope it is at the best time for you!
    Will your son get to come home for
    Christmas?? I sure hope so, that would be so nice.
    You have a great weekend and God Bless, Nellie

  2. I just struggled through a very tough week at work. Reading your thought for the weekend just reminded me how many blessings I have had this week too.

    Thanks for being instrumental in my outlook.

    Sweet blessings,

  3. The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY! LOVE IT! That's one of my favorite verses that I quote all the time.

    Well, imagine that – I was coming by to tell you that I'm thankful for YOU!

    Thank you for enjoying my blog. I appreciate you very much.

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