Three Things Required – and Returned – for Friendships

Friendships.  No doubt, some of our greatest gifts.  Yes, they can be tricky.  From a very early age, we are testing the waters of friendship and learning how to make friends and, hopefully, how to be a friend.  The lessons learned often need to be repeated and, in many ways, are always evolving.  Even in this stage of life, some of the ideas/concepts and realities I thought I knew about friendships are, well, changing.  Not necessarily in a bad way, but adapting.  No doubt, because life changes.  I am changing.  And, that’s okay.

But friendships – throughout life – really are gifts and we need to acknowledge them as such.  We need to thank the Lord for genuine friendships.  We need to nurture our friendships and appreciate our friends.  Our lives, both physical and spiritual lives – are enriched by our friends.  I’ve written about that before.  You can read one of my previous posts here.

There are many friendships that we have for a season.  There are casual friendships that never were intended to last forever….but they sure were fun!  Then, there are some friendships for a lifetime!  David and Jonathon type friendships. Anne, of course, refers to them as “bosom friends”!!  Those authentic friends that the Bible refers to as “someone who sticks closer than a brother” or the strongest of friendships.   Today’s post is simply to acknowledge and to thank the Lord for those special friendships.  I have some friends who are facing hard things.  Walking through valleys.  Perhaps that is why friendships are on my mind, but I am grateful for each one and honored to come alongside each one.

Friendships take effort.  They require compassion -a willingness to love at all times.  They require trust and they require companionship.  (Yes, there is a time and place for a quick text but a deep friendship will not survive on a string of texts).  Genuine, long-lasting and life-enriching friendships not only require these things, but they also give them back.  The joy that is returned for the effort involved in friendships is precious!

I’m off today to sit silently alongside a friend.  To simply be there as she walks a valley.  It might be a long day.  But what a privilege to do so!  Today, tell your friend how much she means to you!!

3 thoughts on “Three Things Required – and Returned – for Friendships

  1. I love this post! I am blessed to have several lifelong friends as well, and they are rare and a gift. Everything you said rings so true. I’m so grateful for my “bosom friends”. ❤️

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