Tortilla Soup, Actually

This blog is in no way a food blog.  It really is not even a good place to look for recipes.  I know my strengths – and my weaknesses and I am not a great cook.  However, I can follow directions and easy to follow recipes are my friend.  So is Pinterest.  I love to look through recipes (a genetic thing from my mom, I believe) and I enjoy trying new ones…and so, I pin.  And pin a lot.  There are so many pins, and so many different boards on my Pinterest, it is beginning to feel like clutter – and clutter drains all my joy.  I am trying to actually make the recipes that I have “neatly” filed away on my boards – and then keep the winners and, well, delete the losers.  But organizing my virtual file cabinet is another post altogether.  This post is for sharing a delicious recipe I have made repeatedly in just the last few weeks. 

Yesterday, we had a Sunday school class fellowship – a soup and subs type of afternoon.  Perfect for a winter day.  And, I brought this soup. (I’m pretty sure I referred to this as Enchilada Soup all afternoon – but it is technically called Tortilla Soup.  Potatoe. Potato.  Let’s just call it yummy!)   I tend to think that the longer an ingredient list, the tastier a recipe will be, but this soup has a rather short ingredient list (yeah!) but it is very tasty.  The directions also include steps to make this a freezer meal.  This soup would be perfect to have on hand for snow days (we might just have one tomorrow!) or whenever you might need to take a meal.

The website link is here.  You can also find it on my Pinterest boards – both Soup’s On and, the brand-new and waiting to be filled board, Recipes: Tested, Tried and Tasty!!  My Pinterest is linked on the sidebar.  There are plenty of soups just waiting to be tried and tasted.  I think there might be plenty of winter days, as well, ahead in order to try them all!  Sigh.

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