Valentine’s Day 2020: Ten Things About My Hubbie

Something new for me today.  Several bloggers were sharing 10 things they love about their sweetheart……

With it being valentine’s week and all of that – I thought I would join the fun.  And it is just that – some valentine fun:)  So, in no particular order, here are just some of the ways that Hubbie is my perfect valentine!!

1 – He is incredibly dependable.  If my husband gives his word or makes a commitment (of any kind), you can be certain he will honor it and follow through.  No need for even a second thought about it.  In the same way, or closely related, he is faithful.  Always has been.  To me.  To friends.  To family members.  My heart is safe with him.

2 – He is a devoted dad.  Our children are grown adults but he tries very hard to support and help them both but not to interfere (or over-indulge).  He prays daily for our children.  He hurts when they hurt but is also their biggest supporter.

3 – He is not overly affectionate.  He is affectionate but just enough.  It is one more way that he is perfect for me.  (It’s no secret, I like my space.) 🙂

4 – He works out.  He will be the first to tell you that he is not 25 anymore:) but he hits the gym multiple times every week.  He pushes himself and does all he can to stay healthy.  (I should follow his example.  Sigh.)

5 – He is not a picky eater.  A man of simple tastes.  Which is good because I am a cook of simple talents.  He eats whatever I serve him.  He also does the dishes after every meal.  Yes, he is a keeper!

6 – He enjoys shopping.  And antiquing.  And browsing craft shops and malls.  Not only does he not complain or just plop in a chair and indulge me, but he enjoys it!  I am blessed:)

7 – He has an amazing work ethic.  Other than my dad, I don’t many others with such a high standard of dedication toward their job.  He works hard and God has blessed him for it.

8 – He is a sentimental side.  It is not often seen – certainly not in public, but then again that is fine with me.  I am not about public displays of sentiment…just one more way:)

9 – He is an animal lover.  Much more than I am.  He loves the granddogs, all dogs, the creatures in the wild – especially the deer – and even the birds.

10 – He loves the Lord.  He has a desire to walk with the Lord, to have a marriage that honors the Lord and to be pleasing to his savior.  We are both learning and growing, but I love to see his fervor for Christ.  It encourages me and inspires me in my own walk with the Lord.

Happy Valetine’s Day, dearest Hubbie of mine!!

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2020: Ten Things About My Hubbie

  1. I am super excited about this post and having you link up for 10 on the 10th. Our fellas are both real jewels and very similar. PC is not big on PDAs or even private displays of affection where kissing is involved but he will hold my hand about anytime, anywhere.

    Never thought of including the point that PC works out. What a great thing to mention. Indicates your hubs loves himself and you enough to take care of his health. No better gift!

    We have his and hers kids and that has been a bit of a struggle for us. I wish my kids were PC’s, but they aren’t. My husband met my daughters when they were in high school so practically grown. He is more their friend than a father figure. But he is most certainly an attentive, devoted Pa-Paul and Campa to our grands.

    Thank you for somehow finding me and my blog and taking time to comment. So glad to have met you!

    1. Leslie – you are right! There are a lot of similarities in our valentines:) We are very blessed indeed! I am also glad to have found the link-up and your blog. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch – and meeting the other ladies in the link-up. Thanks for stopping by…and for your kind comments! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your PC. Happy Valentine’s Day!!:)

  2. I love your list! Makes me think I should appreciate things my husband does that you mentioned – he keeps in shape by going to the gym and he’s not overly affectionate either. I sure wish he’d enjoy shopping though! And I do the dishes because he normally cooks!

    1. Oh boy – I would gladly do the dinner if someone else was doing the cooking!! (I enjoy cooking…I’m just not that good!) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Whoa! He does the dishes? Sweet! And I loved your #1. It seems it gets harder every day to find people who are true to their word. Enjoyed reading your 10!

    1. Thanks, Gale! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting. Nice to meet you:)

      Yes, he does do the dishes….it is rather sweet. And helpful!!:)

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