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Well, if you saw my post on Monday, you might have noticed I was a little less than inspired when the prompt had me considering how I was being romantic this month.  Lest I seem like the Valentine’s grinch, I thought I would have a little Valentine/romance-themed fun today.  A bit of a “this or that” fun in preparation for next week’s sticky sweet day!  I’ll have my answers in red.  Only because pink may not show too well.  Red is not my color!

For a little extra fun, I am going to ask my husband what his answers would be.  This should be interesting.  But first, my answers…

Candy or Cake – and please make it dark chocolate!  Cake is (just) okay in my opinion and when it comes to chocolate, I’m only a fan of dark chocolate.  But I am a HUGE fan:)

Paris or Rome – I suppose, Rome.  We have been to Paris and we would not go back.  Just sayin.  Not a good experience.  Have never really had a desire for Rome but if I had to choose between the two…..

Sweet card or Funny card – what is the point of a funny card?  That seems like a waste of money….but I really don’t have much of a sense of humor.

Flowers or Chocolate – both are lovely but (dark) chocolate is pleasing on so many levels:)

Hugs or Kisses – only included this one because anyone who knows me at all would laugh/cringe/laugh some more at the thought of me answering “hugs.”  I am not (NOT) a hugger.  Now you know.  Just in case we ever run into each other in real life!

Vanilla or Strawberry – what is the point of vanilla??  I probably would not choose strawberry either, if we were ordering, but of the two….strawberry wins.

Movie Night or Board Game Night – Board game, for sure.  Not a huge movie fan.

Red or Pink – Pink:)

Roses or Tulips – I have always been a fan of tulips.  Such a pretty flower…especially when they start to droop.

Stay in or Go out – more and more these days, I choose stay in.  Does that mean I’m getting old?  But, for Vaentine’s Day, I would definitely choose to go out.  (However, I think we are staying in this year.)

Home cooked dinner or Fine dining – Who is doing the cooking?  I actually like “fine dining” restaurants.  For Valentine’s Day, that would be nice:)

Perfume or Jewelry – I love new perfumes.

Beach or Mountains – Mountains.  For sure.

Night in Paris or Night in NYC – I really cannot pick one.  I already crossed Paris off and really have no desire to go to New York.  Sigh.

Well, let me go see what my better half has to say.  I will put his answers in bold.

So…there were only three differences.  He chose roses.  I have no idea why.  He probably thinks they are more of a Valentine flower.  I dunno.  He also went with movie night…which was not a surprise to me and which always explains why we don’t do either one too terribly often.  His choosing “funny card” also explains why we do not give each other cards.  Just sayin.  I did think it was interesting that his reasons/comments for most of his answers were so similar to mine.  When I asked about pink or red, he even said red was not my color.  He also could not choose between Paris and New York!  No desire for either of them.  Folks, we have just been married that long!!:)

Choose one or two and let me know your answers in the comments.  Thanks for playing along and have a wonderful weekend ahead.  For me, sourdough is about to be big business around here!!:)  I will let you know how that goes on Monday!

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s This or That

  1. I’m a Valentine’s grinch! I know it makes no sense, but it’s true. I don’t like the pressure or the commercialism of it all, and instead, we are big fans of doing little things all year long that say “I love you”. I talked about this on my blog this week!

  2. How fun! I loved this! I would choose cake over candy…especially if it was a cake that my mom made. I’m with you on the tulips, and given the choice of beach or mountains I would definitely be for the mountains! Thanks for sharing this, Jennifer. It was fun.

  3. Fun questions but I definitely need more info. For example, the cake- are we talking just cake or cake ensconced in homemade, thick, rich icing? If it´s the latter than I am team cake. If not, I would pass on that. Hugs and kisses- whom are we talking hugging/ kissing? I am not a big hugger either… but I would rather hug a friend than kiss one. All in all, good fun, though!

  4. I enjoyed your choices, I am definitely a fan of dark chocolate but personally, my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I love it, It would be difficult to choose between the mountains and the beach. I love them both.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. You and I would have lots of the same answers! I love dark chocolate and tulips and I believe that vanilla ice cream is only ever meant to be a base for us to add in things like chocolate chunks.. or M&M’s in a pinch. 🙂

  6. Paris over Rome…Pink over Red…Chocolate over flowers…Mountains over beach…Vanilla over Strawberry…Cake over candy…Movie night over board games…Stay in over going out…AND…

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