Check it Out

Was catching up with my blog friends and, wouldn’t you know…a give away. Check out the Farm Chicks blogspot to enter a surprise give-away!! Just for fun…

And for more fun – and smiles – check out this post from the Lady Farmer!! The pictures are too cute! Hope everyone is enjoying the snow. Our white chili is simmering away – has been all day – and I made some no bake chocolate cookies for a treat. So easy – so yummy!!

3 thoughts on “Check it Out

  1. Jennifer ~
    So glad you enjoyed my post enough to send others over. And did you know I am having a give~away, too? (I haven’t checked out the Farm Chicks one yet, And I am sure mine will pale in comparison.) But come on over and enter the drawing.
    Hope to hear from you again, soon!

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