White Pumpkins or Orange??

I finally finished up my fall spruce-ups. Actually, I did most of my work outside today – it was a beautiful day and my son was home and we had a great afternoon. I really am not very good with a camera and the photos of my front porch were not much to look at so I included one of my table. I think one of the problems with the porch photos was that I wasn’t even overly thrilled with the results. Its funny….I have oohed and aahed over all the white pumpkins I have seen across blogland and so wanted to include some in my decorating…so when I went to buy pumpkins, there they were and I was excited. Sad thing is, I don’t like them nearly as much once I included them on the porch. (I guess I am a purist when it comes to pumpkins….I love the orange ones – tall ones, fat round ones, even the lopsided “Charlie Brown” ones!) I know there must be an application in that somewhere…….we want something so much and then, well………you get the picture. Anyways, I will stick with my inside photo – did you notice the little bird’s nest in front of the pumpkin? I love it – and my scarecrow looks a bit “twisted” in this picture but he is actually very cute..with his floppy straw legs!

While my son was “working” with me this afternoon, he noticed, “This really makes you happy doesn’t it, Mom?” I told him I really do enjoy working on my house (and the yard, too) and making it a home for my family and guests. He hugged me and said, “Then it makes me really happy, too!” You know, its going to be a great weekend!! Happy October!

4 thoughts on “White Pumpkins or Orange??

  1. your table looks great! i love orange & white pumpkins. for me, i feel like white pumpkins look better inside than outside. for my house anyway, lol. but i do love both!!!

  2. Okay, this has inspired me even more to start my fall decorating this weekend! I like orange pumkins better though. Great arrangement you have there.

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