Would You Eat THAT??

Happy Monday morning:) Hubbie is off work today and we are enjoying a slower-than-normal Monday morning. He has actually been cleaning baseboards…and I’m thinkin’ he needs to stay home more often! Just kidding but I do enjoy clean baseboards:)

I was thinking back over the weekend and the annual Wild Game Supper that was held at church on Saturday. This event is really planned for the men; however, each year more and more women attend. The day includes a lot of hunting, fishing or other outdoor-nature stuff that is totally foreign to me but is truly an evangelistic opportunity where the gospel is shared. There is a huge outreach into the community and such – and apparently alot more women than I ever imagined are really “into” that type of thing….but not this girl! Uh, no. I just hear the details after the fact.

And hear I did. Apparently the new taste sensation this year was bobcat (every year is something more and more unique)! Bobcat…really?? From all the comments I heard, it was not that tasty. Shocking, I know. So, my question today is Why would anyone eat bobcat? I honestly believe it is the peer pressure. Not saying that to be rude or make any commentary toward the men but, truthfully, we all face it. Teenager. Ladies. Even men. The pressure is there to “fit in” and be like the group.

Maybe I’m reading too much into in – but, really, why else would you eat bobcat? or hippo? or any of a dozen types of roadkill?? Yuck. And, my second question….what is the most unusual – if not grossiest – thing you have ever eaten? I guess I would have to go with calamari. Oh, and don’t even get me started on some of the things that people will eat from the ocean!!

I’ll end with just a funny side story. When I was in Panama City with Jordan, he took me to dinner at one of his and his buddies’ favorite eating spots – a chinese buffet. I’m not typically a buffet fan but the food was really tasty and the selection was huge! They had a bit of everything – including fried frog legs. I hate to say yuck too many times but they did not look appetizing at all. I told Jo I’d give him 20 bucks to eat some. And he did. Oh, if I could have only captured the look on his face on film….but I was busy quieting my own stomach.

No peer pressure there – just the allure of an extra 20 bucks. Cold hard cash. What a silly boy!!

6 thoughts on “Would You Eat THAT??

  1. One year, during our annual family beach trip, while using the seine to catch shrimp, our guys caught a huge stingray. We decided to try to cook some of it. Well, it had lots of tiny bones and was "rubbery". Everyone took one bite and said…"I don't think so!" So, we can say we have tasted it…we just won't be tasting it again!! ha! ha!

  2. Hi My Dear,
    and how are you girlie???
    I am with you on the strange eating items, not this girl either.
    The worst thing I ate, actually took a few bites of and wasn't by choice either. We went to a restaurant where they had bacon wrapped scallops fried. Sounded scrumptious since I love scallops…..well, they evidently did not fry them enough and it was like biting into lard cause the bacon wasn't cooked. Horrible, will probably never ever try that again,
    as long as I live.
    I eat them pan seared or grilled now, forget the bacon and the frying!!
    Take care and drop by,
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  3. We have a sportsman banquet at church every year and they always have different wild game.
    I've eaten crocadile, octopus, elk, rattlesnake, shark, emu, kangaroo–just to name a few.
    Still here and I have to say some of these things taste like chicken. lol

  4. I think the strangest thing I have ever eaten was crawdad legs. Yes, they sound terrible and if you think about it too much you won't be able to take a bite. But, just close your eyes and take a bite. Yummy

  5. haha I am not one for eating "weird" things either…I don't think I have ever eaten anything really all that strange. It did take Mel a few years even to talk me into trying sushi, but once I did, I found I did LOVE it…so I have eaten several different kinds of raw fish. Haven't found one I don't like yet either. But bobcat? Really? haha Have a good week! HUGS

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