A Bucket List for Summer

Tomorrow is, officially, the first day of summer! It has pretty much felt like summer in my neck of the woods for about two weeks now but if the calendar is going to make it official, I think today would be a good time to get my summer bucket list down in writing.  Maybe putting it in words will keep me just a bit more focused – those hazy days of summer are quick to affect my thinking (and motivation) if I’m not careful!

This time last year, at the very start of summer, I was headed here……to Samoa!  What a wonderful gift from the Lord that trip was and how it continues to impact me even now.  It seems impossible that it was an entire twelve months ago!

Unfortunately, nothing quite so life-altering this summer (next year – I am praying!!) but I still want to enjoy these warm, sun-drenched months to the fullest.  Just a few things I want to make happen:

1 – I really want to find the perfect smoothie.  For me.  And not just the ones from Tropical Smoothie.  Whirling some frozen fruits together in a blender just cannot be that hard but the ones I make at home always seem to be okay.  Just okay.  I saw one that looked like a real contender today here.  It was simply fruit and a very little water.  Imagine that – I usually start with almond milk or something similar.  Hmm.  I also want to experiment with dairy and/or gluten free desserts.  This is something completely new for me but comes on the advice of my doctor.  The very first look around, I came across this idea – dairy free, gluten free and sugar free.  For the win!

2 – I recently started taking clarinet lessons.  After two short-term missions trip, I am hoping to make myself more prepared to help out during a service or special program while abroad.  I (sorta, in a very rusty way) play the piano – but you cannot take a piano with you overseas:)  Somehow, I thought reading music and having played the piano somewhere in my past would have made learning the clarinet easier.  I was wrong.  It is much trickier than I thought and, honestly, this middle-aged woman wants to say, “good try” and put the clarinet away.  However, I am going to stick with it all summer – and then we will see.  There, I put it in words and now I am accountable!

3 – I really enjoy essential oils.  I use my oils every day.  But I would like to do more.  I would like to

make things with my oils.  For example, just for starters, my own moisturizer.  I wash my face with my oils and I love it, so moisturizer seems like the perfect place to begin.  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and this summer, I am going to make it happen.  I would love ideas for ways to use essential oils – more than diffusing and topical applications.

4 – We have vacation plans but not until September; however, we would like go away for a couple long weekends.  Not far – but just a change of scenery and a chance to explore new streets, relax and read a book (see #5) and search for a great new restaurant.  I want to plan two get-aways.

5 – I probably have ten (maybe a few more!) half-read books on my tablet.  None of them are bad, per se, but none have really pulled me in.  But I hate having them unfinished.  I need to delete them – or, better yet, read them.  I want to finish, at least, three this summer.  They don’t have to be deep.  Nor do they all have to easy mysteries. They just need to be read.

6 – I want to paint my toes something totally unpredictable!  I always have my toes painted but, I’m thinking, something just a bit more….fun:) will be great for the summer!

Summer might just be my favorite season.  It could be a tie with another favorite.  They are all special but, for now, I  am looking forward to the next few months!

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