Lessons from my friend – Steady

I really enjoyed Five Minute Friday last week…so I thought I would try it again this week.  You can read more about FMF here.  And this week’s prompt is STEADY.

Ready.  Set. Go.

One of my richest blessings is knowing my senior friend –
and spending time with her.  She loves to
share conversation over some Panera soup and half a sandwich.  She enjoys wandering the aisles at a local
department store – looking for a new top that makes her feel pretty.  And she is most happy if you have “just a few
minutes” to come in for visit when you return home after an afternoon out – after
already “visiting” for hours.  She will retell
her favorite stories and memories – full from a life that has known almost 90
years – as if she were sharing them for the first time.  And we will laugh at the funny parts and tear
at the sad ones just like we have every time she shares the story.
Any opportunity to spend time with her is a genuine joy.
Her eyesight is limited – and that is bothersome to
her.  A fall from several years ago has
taken some of her confidence and can, occasionally, make her unsteady on her
feet.  So, without even thinking about
it, when we leave the house and walk down the steps…or when we walk across a
parking lot or navigate crowded stores, I take her arm.  I make sure she is steady.  Her arm on my steady arm gives her strength
and a calm self-assurance.

Oh, but the real blessing is her smooth hand that rests on
my arm.  Her poise, even though relying
on another, is felt and is reflected in her life.  For many decades, she has experienced, lived
and learned much.  She has known much joy
but, equally, much sorrow, loss and heartache. 
But her testimony is precious. 
Just as willing as she is to rely on a friend, she leans on her Lord and
allows Him to direct her paths.  He keeps
her steady.  And she is teaching me how
to do the same.
Note to self:  Five minutes goes by fast.  Goodness.  

2 thoughts on “Lessons from my friend – Steady

  1. The life lessons we can learn from those in their older years is priceless. I remember a few years ago during bible study that I couldn't believe it took me so many years to learn a certain truth. An older lady looked at me and said, "Why is that an issue? You could have been my age before you figured it out or not at all." Point taken, Mrs. Brown. And now I try to be grateful for all the lessons learned instead of griping about how long they took. 🙂 Love this post. I'm #38 on #FMF. But my post went off on a tangent. Ok, I went off on a tangent. Either way, the tangent is there. LOL

  2. There is so much we can learn from those who are older than us and what a joy that you get to spend that time with her. I'm sure she looks forward to seeing and shopping with you! I also love Panera's soup and sandwich combo's!

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