A Daybook Entry: December 2023

Happy Monday friends! And hello to a new month.  My first post for December:)  Let the holiday season (officially) begin and here’s to increasing my holiday spirit.  I am always painfully (and rather pitifully) slow to “get in the spirit” but it is what it is.  I did start the month off, on Saturday, with a girls trip to a Christmas bazaar.  It is somewhat of an annual event for us.  However, we missed last year (for reasons that none of us could really remember) but, after having such a great time on Saturday, we are determined to not miss another one.  At least if we can help it:)  I also got the house looking ready for Christmas and that helps immensely with the Christmas spirit:)  We are enjoying our treasures and special things that only make an appearance once every twelve months.  And once your memory gets to our age, it often feels like we are seeing the things for the first time!  We just ooh and ahh like the old souls we are:)  Our daughter also decorated the outside of the house for us.  What a blessing!  I truly have no motivation (er, low Christmas cheer) for that task and not only was she stinkin excited to do it, but it looks great as well!  Goodness, we are just looking so festive around here….who could ever guess that I am behind in holiday cheer?!?

I thought I would start the month off with a daybook entry.  Back to basics perhaps.  I am woefully behind in both visiting and reading others’ blogs and in planning, or even giving much thought to, my own blog.  Hoping to get back on track before this blog train completely derails.  If you have been leaving me comments but I have seemed MIA, please forgive me.  I hope to reconnect this week.  That said, let’s get today’s post started.   Here’s my daybook for today.

The Weather – has been a bit all over the place.  For the most part, it has been pleasant but then we had two days last week that were far too winter-like, in my humble opinion.  There may (or may not) have even been some random flurries floating around.  For the record, snow does nothing to help with my cheer, merriment or with my attitude in general!  The weekend was wet but warmer ( yeah!) and today is supposed to rather pleasant as well, but the rest of this week’s forecast shows temperatures all over the place again.  I’m glad we had some nice weather for Emily to put up the lights, etc.  I won’t complain.  (At least not yet.).

As I look outside my window  – I see those pesky inflatable decorations lying deflated on several of yards this morning.  I have mentioned these before so I won’t rehearse it, but they are not my favorite….especially, during the day when they are simply puddles on the lawn.  There are, however, quite a few lighted yards and porches which is nice.  Emily even did our fence (in the backyard) this year.  Little white lights all around the house:)  Just curious – are you team white lights or team colored lights?? (Btw – that is not my neighborhood.  Just sayin.)

This morning, I am – hoping to get caught up visiting blogs….but I already mentioned that.  I am also waiting for my brother to come over after his dentist appointment this morning.  He is getting a root canal.  Ugh.  I’ve never had one myself but cringe even thinking about someone else having one done.  Later this evening, we are going out to celebrate my hubbie’s birthday…which, technically, is not until Wednesday but today is the day that worked best with everyone’s schedule.  My husband (really) enjoys celebrating his birthday so, in his opinion, you can’t start too early:)

Lately, I have been thinking about – Christmas:)  Christmas gifts – of which I have yet to buy even one.  Christmas games – trying to think of some newer ones that would be fun for my family.  Christmas programs – well, just one in particular.  I may have taken on more of a challenge than I realized.  And Christmas cookies.  I am in a baking mood this year.  I want to try all the cookie recipes!!

On the menu this weekDeath by Chocolate.  Or, basically, a brownie trifle.  Even more basically, layers of brownies, chocolate pudding and cool whip in a pretty glass dish.  But doesn’t Death by Chocolate sound much more fancy??  Whatever it is called, it is one of my husband’s favorite desserts and what he requested.  His favorite dish for dinner is Shepherd’s Pie.  A man with simple tastes:)  I’m not sure he will be getting any shepherd’s pie on Wednesday.  One of our good friends has a birthday tomorrow – he will be turning 90! Woo hoo!  They four of us will be celebrating the guys’ birthdays on Wednesday….but not with shepherd’s pie:)

What I’m wearing – the same clothes over and over again…which is what I said in my last daybook entry, although back then I was wearing my summer clothes on repeat.  I’m now wearing fall/winter clothes and honestly it hasn’t been that long since I stopped the summer things.  Why, oh why, then are my clothes already on repeat?  I will tell you why.  Because there are so few that I really enjoy wearing.  I don’t need a lot of clothes.  Honestly, I don’t mind repeating my clothes and could probably be quite happy with a capsule wardrobe (although I have never tried it) but I want to repeat clothes that really enjoy (or that I love) wearing!!  There’s not much of that in my closet right now.  It is so time to go shopping.

I’m looking around the house – I am enjoying the winter greenery, the twinkly lights and even the cute Father Christmas faces from our small collection.  My husband got into “collecting” those a few years ago and, as collections quickly do, there were soon more than enough.  We have given a few away but we always enjoy the ones we have and display.  We have a couple that we purchased while traveling in Europe and some others that we found quite by accident while browsing antique malls or other places.  But…we do have enough!

My To-Do List – has several fun and holiday inspired events on it this week.  A holiday open house later this week.  Our family’s annual evening out for a holiday concert is on Friday.  This is my favorite activity all month and I will, no doubt, be full to overflowing with holiday spirit afterwards!!:)  We are also going to a German Christmas Market on Thursday.  Not in Germany (lol!), but one put on here locally by the German Army.  We went last year and it was such a fun evening.  We are really looking forward to it again.  I’m telling you – I am going to be Buddy the Elf soon!!

A thought to share – I read this statement recently.  “Our contentment in the face of harm, uncertainty, even devastation, can be a light to a hurting and even angry world.”  We live in an angry world.  We….by that I mean, I….need to be a light.  I believe contentment, as well as peace, patience, and gentleness really can be lights to this world.  I have several friends right now (this week and even today) going through very hard things.  And their sweet spirits and genuine contentment are, indeed, light for me to follow.  I am humbled as well as challenged.

And, from my camera.  Just to share a smile….or maybe make you smile:)  Some greenery.  Some twinkle lights.  And a white bearded smile!!


11 thoughts on “A Daybook Entry: December 2023

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! That Death by Chocolate looks delicious! I just put on a pot of potato soup this morning and looking forward to having some for lunch. I hope you have a great day.

  2. Jennifer
    i enjoyed reading your blog so much today ….
    it was such a blessing
    tell john happy birthday for me please!!!!
    And you should put some pics up of your lights outside cuz I
    would really enjoy seeing them….
    i think im already jealous before i even see them ….
    i do my own lights ….but not very good at it
    im trying to get into baking and shopping early
    but cant say im successful yet….
    do good intentions count?
    i already spent a week on decor , not cuz there is so much
    but becuz im so slow
    but i am proud of myself i decluttered 2 whole bins of Christmas decor …yipee!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Jennifer! I’m late getting around to blog visiting today. That Death by Chocolate trifle is absolutely beautiful and after reading the ingredients, what’s not to love, right? We also enjoy Shepherd’s Pie here at our house. The German Market sounds like such fun. I wish there was one close to us. I really enjoy things like that. When our daughter and son-in-law were missionaries in Mexico City, we went to a Mexican Street Market and it was so much fun! Have a wonderful time with your friends on Wednesday celebrating the gentleman’s and your husband’s birthdays.

  4. I hope you have a great time celebrating your husband´s birthday! That dessert sounds so good! Your upcoming holiday plans sound fun and festive. How nice of your daughter to do your outside lights. I truly don´t have a favorite as far as lights go. I like colored- they are fun. I think white lights look more sophisticated but not necessarily better. I hope your week is going well!

  5. Hi Jennifer~ I really do understand about, “Christmas cheer”. I am somewhat of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I just want you to know that you are always a little bit of light for me when I read your posts, or get a sweet comment from you! I loved the quote today – we really do need to look for that contentment in our lives, that only Christ can bring, and Christmas is a perfect time for that. My blogs posts are few and far between these days and so is my commenting. Know that I think of you and wish you well! Hugs, Barb

  6. Mmm we love Shepherd’s Pie! We made a Fisherman’s Pie for Thanksgiving which was delicious!

    I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, being a light. We are talking about it in church these past few Sundays and it is something that I am trying to work on as well.

    I am Team White Lights but while my kiddo is young, we are using colored lights. 🙂

  7. What a lovely blog post! I bet your house looks beautiful – I totally agree with you about the giant inflatables, they really need to go out of fashion! I like white lights indoors but we have a string of little coloured lights that twinkle in a line above our garage. We don’t decorate to the extent that you do in the US!
    Fancy your husband’s dinner of choice being cottage pie – I always think that is something British, and it’s one of those comfort foods that is so good when it’s cold outside. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday a little early this weekend, his requested meal is lasagne.
    Have a good week!

  8. I find I have no happy medium; either it takes me a long time to get into the holiday spirit or I am totally gung0-ho as soon as Thanksgiving over and it peters out sometime just before the actual holiday arrives. This year I almost feel like neither is happening and I have a low key happy feeling but I’m definitely not oozing holiday spirit either. We had some flurries today and they don’t make me very happy either.

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