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Believe it or not, it is time for 2023’s final Currently post where I join Jen’s link-up and enjoy seeing what everyone is “currently” doing.  This one is, of course, rather holiday inspired which is great but I do have a feeling the pressure is going to be on once I read what everyone else is wrapping.  I’ve just started with the shopping – as in , just started on Monday! – and have not even thought about the wrapping.  Yep, feeling the pressure already!  What better way to ease the pressure than sit here in front of the computer and read my favorite blogs!!  That should help:)  Oh well.  Wrapping aside, let’s see what else is “currently” happening around my house, and, you can see what everyone else is doing at the link-up found here.  Currently, I am

loving – that the decorations are all in place and, in my opinion, they look the best that they have in years.  I purged quite a few things last year and still did not use “every little thing” this year.  I just put out our favorite things.  And I only saved/used things that complimented our house – if that makes sense.  Not all of the Christmas colors look good in my home.  Not every little cute thing in the store will look cute once I put it in my house.  It has taken me longer than it should have to figure this out but I think we now have things that not only make us smile (and have sweet memories) but that look nice as well.  Maybe that doesn’t matter to anyone else but, personally, I’m loving it:)

I’m also loving: outdoor lights that are still going strong (after one week, we typically have one strand right in the middle of things that decides to quit); (new) neighbors who have decorated their house this year (our old neighbors were quite the scrooges at Christmas time); Christmas music videos on YouTube; and how the house twinkles every night when we turn the tree (and other) lights on!!

gifting – to no one especially new this year.  Truthfully, our list gets a bit smaller each.  Not exactly sure why and maybe I am just imagining it….but we do have the new girlfriend added to our list this year and that is fun!!  I haven’t exactly settled on what to give her and would certainly enjoy any suggestions:)  I also want to do something for the new (aforementioned) neighbors.  No wide open spaces in our neighborhood and neighbors are, well, close.  Having “good” neighbors is a blessing and we are really happy to have the new folks next door!

wrapping – like I mentioned, not much.  Yet.  But I am curious how many of you wrap your gifts in matching paper and/or with a theme?  Just curious.  If you do, I would love to know what kind of theme you are using….or have used in the past.  Do share.

hoping – all goes smoothly for the rest of the month.  And on Christmas Day.  Trying to manage expectations.  Not just my own but the families’ as well.  December has always been a “tricky” month for us – even before grief entered the picture.  Challenging holidays go way back in my family.  Sigh.  Of course, I do my best to stay focused on Christ and the true meaning/joy of Christmas….but there is a lot that comes along with that.  Enough said.

attending – the Pops Festival Orchestra performance tomorrow night.  It is our annual family outing and my personal favorite.  The others enjoy it but I’m not sure everyone would claim it as their favorite but they indulge me every year:)  I love a good “pop orchestra.”  As in, love it!  I dance in my seat.  I sing along in my seat, and I can even help conduct in my seat.  Yes, my family has to indulge me.  LOL  It’s going to be fun!!  We have a few other things (well, several) we are attending but this concert is the one that really gets me excited….and all Christmas-y!!

Which event gets you Christmas-y?  I hope that your wrapping is ahead of mine and that December is going well for you.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you will come back on Monday!

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  1. The orchestra sounds delightful (figuratively and likely literally!)! Christmas music is such a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. As for gift suggestions for the new young lady in your life, maybe something like a Stanley cup (kinda overpriced but liked by many), items from Lululemon especially if she likes to work out (def. overpriced but liked by many), and maybe consider something small (cute mug with small items inside) and then a joint gift of an experience the two of them could do like a cooking class, baking class, art type class.

  2. Jennifer, those sweet little reindeer are absolutely adorable! I hear what you are saying when it comes to holiday decor. Last year before I put away our decor, I went through it and purged probably 1/2 of it. I thought I had kept back only the things that we really loved, but I, like you, found that when I decorated last week that there were still some things in the totes that didn’t get put out. When I repack everything after Christmas, I will purge those things.

    Our kids and their families both live a distance from us, so when it comes to their gifts we send them money so that they can purchase what they REALLY want. 🙂 But we have some neighbor children that we buy for each year and of course the things I buy for my hubby…and I am happy to say that they are all wrapped. In the past I have always piled everything up to do all of the wrapping at once, but I was determined this year to get rid of that GIANT. 🙂 So, as things came in I went ahead and wrapped them right then. What a relief!

    My favorite thing to attend over the Christmas holidays is Christmas Eve service at our church.

  3. Nope, I haven’t wrapped anything yet. Then again, you can’t wrap what you haven’t even bought yet. lol Have fun tomorrow night and I hope there will be pictures that you share. I’ve never been to a pop orchestra, but I think I’d like it.

  4. I love these currently posts. Those reindeer are so cute. I just can’t believe how quickly we have made it to the last month of the year. Time flies faster each year.

  5. I’m willing to bet I’m just as behind in wrapping and gifting as you are – maybe more so! I’m trying to get caught up. The Pops concert sounds like a wonderful festive event – hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. what a fun post!
    the reindeer are right up my alley……most of my decor is nature based/Christian based with a few fun santa gnomes thrown in but that match cause i’m a tad bit OCD>

    Themes: yes. When the girls were little, I would choose St Nicholas wrapping paper (hard to find……didn’t want the Americanized Santa Claus) or Trees. I’ve done black, white, and red themed paper. I’ve done snowflakes and forest. I’ve done peppermint candy canes/candy and snowmen. this year I am keeping it simple: forest pines with snow laden branches, red paper with white snowflakes. I’d love to find nativity paper but….it just doesn’t seem to exist where we live in eastern New York.

    We used to go to both girls Christmas choral concerts at school every December (they’re 5 years apart) so from grades 4-10 they both were in chorus. AND then the youngest had her ballet Christmas show during her junior high and high school years. she also had Select chorus concert (different night from regular chorus) and they both were in Orchestra (violin) from grades 4-12. That’s a LOT of concerts. OH and our youngest was always in a Xmas musical in early December at our church from grades 3-8. So December was BUSY plus I taught special ed preK full time. I’m now retired as of June. I’m loving the down time and the slower pace. they are both local but out of hte house with their careers and own apts. The big event we are looking forward to is the Extended Family Gift Exchange next weekend (my 3 younger sisters and their families) and then on Christmas Eve my husband, oldest girl and I will be performing with our Xmas Eve Choir at church. We’ve had weekly rehearsals each week from the first Sunday of November until next weekend then we will have a dress rehearsal and then our recording is being done on Sunday. It’s busy but i love it.

  7. I feel like our gifting list gets smaller and smaller each year too; this year I am feeling downright stingy and keep thinking I must be forgetting someone (but I’m not!). The concert sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. Hello! I was commenting to Steve that our list is getting smaller. I have a few gifts wrapped, but more to do. I am trying very hard to enjoy this time. It goes so quickly! Have a cozy weekend, my friend.

  9. Ah yes, managing the “expectations of the holidays” — so much fun. I’m trying to be very calm this year and accept that “what happens will happen” and I can’t micromanage all of it… It’s been tough 🙂

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