A Little Christmas Q&A

Something just a little different today – at least, for me.  I saw this Christmas Q&A and thought I might join the fun.  My real goal for this blog is not to be “about me” but to encourage others in their Christian walk and life of faith and, ultimately, to be “about Christ.”  But I do write the blog and so a few personal thoughts, now and then, could be helpful….and certainly, you will know me so much better when you discover if my tree is real or fake?!?:)

Let’s get started:

1.  Real or Fake tree?  We always had a real tree and some of our best Christmas memories are taking the kids to hunt for the perfect tree – especially the cut your own ones at a tree farm!  It was a highlight.  Several years after it was just the two of us, my husband and I were visiting a Christmas holiday show and saw the most beautiful white tree – obviously decorated in splendor by professionals.  We immediately began trying to recreate that tree.  We bought our first (and only) fake tree.  Pure white.  And then spent way, way too much money for pink and purple ornaments – which were all gorgeous but looked not only out of place but garish (um, ugly!) in our home.  We used it twice (just to soothe the regret of our impulsiveness) and, believe it or not, we have not had a full-size tree since.  We have several small, relatively undecorated, trees that work into displays around our home.  And I’m okay with that.

2.  Favorite Christmas Cookie?  I love snickerdoodles.  Actually, I love oatmeal cookies, any cookie with coconut and even Oreos.  I just love cookies.  But my favorite at Christmas is actually Haystacks.  It is the only time I really enjoy butterscotch – but melt it over Chinese noodles and its Christmas magic.

3.  Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?  At home.  We traveled when the children were little…“Over the River and Through the Woods” we often went but now we let them come to us!

4.  Clear or Colored Lights?  Clear.  Only and always.

5.  Send Christmas Cards?  This is something I stopped doing after Tyler died.  We have tried sending New Year’s Cards but they require a photo worth sharing….and those don’t often happen around here:(

6.  Stockings or No Stockings?  No.  We never had a fireplace and stockings just seemed out-of-place without one.  We now have a fireplace and we have some stockings but they are completely decorative!

7.  Favorite Christmas Carol?  All I Want for Christmas is You– not sure if that counts…but when my daughter was a teenager, or thereabouts, she loved this song. We would get silly listening for it and then sing along at the top of our lungs – and now it just brings a smile to both of us.  (Okay – sometimes, I’m still singing along!  She is much more mature.) Its usually one of the first songs you hear in stores, etc….and our holiday season has begun once Mariah sings! 

8.  Christmas PJs?  My husband is a good sport but I’m pretty sure he would draw the line at family pjs.  Never have done that.  Everyone does get a new (silly) t-shirt on Christmas Eve – and, sometimes, there is a new pair of cozy pajama pants to match – like this year:)

9.  Favorite Christmas Present Received?  After our second child was born, my husband had a jeweler friend design and make me a mother’s ring.  It was not only beautiful but, for my gift-challenged sweetheart, it was just the sweetest. (And, he had it re-done when our third baby arrived!)

10.  Favorite Christmas movie?  Home Alone.  The original.  The real reason I like this is because my husband loves it.  Loves it. He does love him some slapstick comedy!??!   No matter how many times he sees Kevin outwit those burglars, he dies laughing.  Then, we do too!!

And last:

11.  Early Shopper or Last Minute?  I tried shopping early one year.  Totally forgot about those gifts – found two strays.  In February.  Can’t shop last minute either.  Way too stressful.  I’m pretty much done and almost finished with the wrapping this year.  Wrapping is the one thing I tend to put off.  I just don’t enjoy it but my husband has been all about wrapping this year!  Hooray for wrapping elves!!

Are you finished shopping?  How about wrapping?  This week is baking for me.  Time for some haystacks??  Actually, I have four new-to-me recipes to try!!  Fingers crossed……

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