Two New Traditions

Happy Hump Day – the one right in between Christmas and the new year!  I’ve heard some folks really don’t like this week but, personally, I thoroughly enjoy it.  And need it.  I love(!!) new beginnings and, yes, next week is one of the best (new week, new month, new year, oh wow)! As much… Read More Two New Traditions


Thoughts for Our Country

This weekend, here in the USA, will celebrate our country’s birthday.  Independence Day.  The Fourth of July.  Largely a day for fun…and food.  (ALways the food!)  But it really is a significant day as well.  When I pause and consider our country (and really consider things), there is definitely cause for concern.  As they say,… Read More Thoughts for Our Country


A Valentine Tag Revisited

Welcome to the week of chocolate, hearts, flowers, chocolate and..well, more chocolate!  It seems like Valentine’s Day creates strong opinions….either you really enjoy it and embrace all the fun.  Or you totally don’t.  I have so many fun memories of celebrating Valentine’s Day with my kiddos when they were little.  We started the day with… Read More A Valentine Tag Revisited


Twenty Questions

Something a bit different for me today.  Trista at the Classy Chaos blog posted a Twenty Questions link-up on Instagram.  I thought I would answer them here.  Just for some fun – heading into this long weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating our country.  Take a few extra moments to seriously pray… Read More Twenty Questions

A Look Back

Father’s Day 2020

Happy Friday.  It’s Father’s Day weekend.  Although it has been 20 years (yes, twenty!!  It is hard to imagine) since I last saw my dad on this earth, I tend to get nostalgic – if not a bit emotional – on special weekends last these.  I am so grateful for the relationship that I enjoyed… Read More Father’s Day 2020