Five Minute Friday

I Can Be Grateful For the Hard Things

Experience.  Today’s FMF prompt immediately took me to Romans 5:4… “And patience, experience; and experience, hope.” Of course, this verse makes the most sense when read in context with the verses before and after it. “……but we glory in tribulations also:  knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:  And hope maketh… Read More I Can Be Grateful For the Hard Things


With His Stripes

Today is the last Five Minute Friday for this year.  Not only has this link-up been a wonderful challenge throughout the year – challenging my thoughts and my writing – but the other posts have been encouraging, convicting and helpful as well.  For those new to FMF, each week there is a one-word prompt and… Read More With His Stripes


Be Still My Heart

I shared this photo earlier this week on my Instagram.  It was given to me last weekend while I was visiting my 90-year old aunt.  We were looking through a stack of photos she had stuffed into an old album.  There were several of my parents, my grandparents and many of older relatives I barely… Read More Be Still My Heart


Christmas Peace

Off-balance.  Out of kilter.  Or, as one definition described it, “….in a state of confusion or chaos.” So much in our world seems to be off-balance.  Everything from politics and popular opinion to sports, entertainment and current events.  It affects our world, our communities, our churches, our homes, and our own hearts.  If we are not careful,… Read More Christmas Peace


Christmas Tree Memories

One of my first (or oldest) Christmas memories is not really “my” memory…but is a memory passed down over the years and shared with me many, many times.  The memory of my grandmother’s Christmas tree.  The tree my dad remembered so fondly from his childhood.  Every year, my grandma would begin in November creating the… Read More Christmas Tree Memories


Blessing Mix – 2018

Without a doubt, some of my richest blessings are not only the time I spend volunteering but the friends and sweet relationships I have made doing so.  My afternoons there are the highlight of my week!  Yesterday, we took an afternoon trip to the Air and Space Museum.  One of the other ladies in our… Read More Blessing Mix – 2018