A Little Letters Look at February 2020

Tulips in front of the fireplace.  That is a pretty accurate picture of this February.  Hints of spring followed by stark reminders of winter.  And then another taste of spring.  The whole month has been like that!

Now, though, it is time for a look back at February.  Not normally a month of “big happenings” around my house but it is still a good exercise to glance back at the past four weeks – looking for even the simple blessings.  Often found in the “ordinary” days..but blessings just the same!

Dear Kristine – thanks for all your help with my planning.  Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration as well as being my shopping buddy.  I appreciate your encouragement and for all the patience while I bounced 100 ideas and second-guesses to you through text!  It came together well…all with a little help from a friend!:)

Dear Church family – thanks for your compliments.  More importantly, thanks for a fun evening together as we celebrated our marriages…and Valentine’s Day.  Most of us (but not all) at the banquet were not exactly newlyweds but it was sweet to still have fun together.  To laugh over silly games, to eat all the Oreo truffles without shame and to focus, again, on how blessed we are – in our marriages, our friendships and with our church!

Dear Superbowl – thanks for an excuse to get together with friends.  You really serve no other purpose than that – and to indulge in proper game day snacks!  All the snacks!

Dear Shauna – thanks for a good haircut.  A new salon and a new stylist.  Oh, but a good haircut can change even the most routine of months.

Dear Sadie – thanks for all the extra puppy joy.  Your visit was a short one but you never fail to warm our hearts.  And, to think, you get to come by next month!!  Dog treats (and the big bed) are waiting!!

Dear Guy – thanks for not laughing at (yet another of) our failed attempts at home repairs.  Thanks for the intervention.  And, yes, I am so grateful the whole kitchen did not go up in flames.  Certainly, we will learn to acknowledge our need for professional help.  At all times.

Dear winter – thank you for being so mild.  You can move on now.  I feel as if any day now you are going to turn on me…and show your ugly side.  So, if you would just be gone, I would rest a lot easier.  If you do, I will take back all the ugly things I said about you earlier this year.

Dear snow – my thoughts are much the same.  Thank you for visiting the counties – even the states – to the south.  They seem to be tickled pink when you arrive.  And my friends to the north (with the inches that amount to feet)..well, they seem to be used to you.  So falling everywhere except right here has worked out perfectly!!

Dear Mount Vernon – you were a delight.  I not sure why I don’t visit more often but I really should!  What a wonderful afternoon we had walking your fields, enjoying your spectacular views as well as enjoying the museum and restaurant.

Dear fireplace – I know that February is almost over.  But I’ll keep enjoying you for several weeks more.  You make early mornings and cozy evenings at home all the better.  You are my friend through winter!

2 thoughts on “A Little Letters Look at February 2020

  1. Oh, I love these “little letters!” What a precious way to offer thanksgiving. I agree, we need to realize the blessings that are waiting in the mundane moments. God is faithful through every step we take.

    1. Thanks Bettie….so glad you stopped by! You are right – God is faithful to bless. Even in the most ordinary of days!!

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