Share Four Somethings: February 2020

Faster than I would have imagined, February is rolling to an end.  I usually find February a slow month.  It’s short but, typically, slow.  For me.  I blame winter.  Then again, I blame winter for most everything unpleasant this time of year.  Nevertheless, it is already time for a look back at this month – and the Sharing of Four Things: Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured and Something Ahead!  I’m a day early (again) but you can find the full link up here tomorrow.  So, for February!

Something Loved.  There were several things to “love” this month.  This being the month of love and all:)  The banquet (I mentioned during my last Four Somethings) was a wonderful evening.  There was a good turnout.  The food was delicious (our pastor decided to cook!!)  And the fellowship with our church family was…well, sweet!  The banquet was the day after Valentine’s.  On Friday night, my husband and I went to one of our favorite restaurants with two other couples.  The last time we were here, I become (suddenly) very ill and the whole evening was rather disastrous, so I was actually a bit nervous about going there again.  We were even seated in the exact same booth.  So weird.  But it was a great evening.  We had such a good time!

This whole month has included way more chocolate and other treats than I ever really need.  But it has been nice.  Even… sweet:)  (I need to stop.)

Something Read.  Considering productivity – and my desire to be productive, especially in this season of my life – I read two quotes that I cannot remember word for word (paraphrased here) but both really impacted me.  The first was the defining of productivity as “the stewarding of our gifts, talents, time, energy and even our enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God.” Even our enthusiasm!  The second easily followed that being productive is “not simply getting stuff done but choosing the ‘right stuff’ – and getting that done.”

After these thoughts, I wrote in my journal:  before I can ever be productive, I must be faithful.  Faithful to “the right stuff” – which includes the small things.  The routine things.  The internal things of my character.  Hmm, definitely, plenty to consider there.  I guess that’s why I write these things down.

Something Treasured.  In keeping with the Valentine theme….I am so grateful for my husband.  For our marriage and his commitment to it.  And to me.  I posted more about him here…so I won’t belabor it here.  But he is what I treasure this month:)

Something Ahead.  This “something” is, most likely, supposed to be something ahead that we are looking forward to…anticipating.  But, for me…I have an important test ahead.  No need for details; however, see the above- mentioned reference to becoming suddenly (and excruciatingly) ill.  It has happened before and I’m actually grateful for these upcoming tests, especially if they can provide some answers.  And the reassurance of not going through it again.  Just sayin.  I am sure there are other (more exciting) things ahead, but that is what is on my mind.

Good-bye February.  I’m never really sorry to see you go.  And we are one month closer to spring.  SPRING!  Hooray – and bring it on!!

6 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: February 2020

  1. I loved your four somethings. February is a good month for me. It starts with my birthday and always seems to fly by. I imagine you are not too thrilled that we have an extra day this year because of leap year.

    1. Ugh – I had not even remembered about that extra day. Oh no!!:) I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Thanks for stopping by!

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