One of the things I miss about the holidays is spending time with my littles in the kitchen….creating fun, but simple (always simple) treats to celebrate the occasion.  My kids are grown.  There are no more Easter baskets or colorful, plastic eggs hung from the tree in the front yard….but I still enjoy playing around in the kitchen.  And I enjoy sharing a little something yummy with my friends, neighbors or other special ones in my life.

Looking to share a little Easter blessing?  Perhaps with your neighbor, or the UPS guy, the gal who cuts your hair or leads your Bible study… or even the clerk that you see every other day at the grocery.  Here are just a couple of ideas.

Yesterday, I made pretzel dots.  That is probably not what they are called but that is what I am calling them.  These could often be found in the school kitchen when I was working – and were always a welcome treat.  The color of the M&Ms can be switched for any particular holiday.  Simply line a baking sheet with small pretzels.  I like the round ones but could not find them so I used pretzel snaps.  Top each pretzel with a Hershey kiss and bake in a low-temperature oven (about 250) for 4-5 minutes.  Push an M&M on top of the warm kiss once you remove it from the oven.  Let them cool completely.  Super simple – the biggest chore is unwrapping all the kisses:)

I also made this Easter pretzel bark.  It came together super easy as well.  The recipe is on my Pinterest board so I won’t rehearse it here; however, I do not have a double boiler, as mentioned in the recipe, so I just melted my chocolates in the microwave.  One minute at a time until almost completely melted.  It worked great – and an easy recipe was even easier!

There are also several links on my Pinterest board for cute labels that can be added to these goodies after they are bagged up.  Sadly, our printer was not working so my gift bags did not have tags but they really do make for a sweeter presentation.  Including a gospel tract or an invitation to your church service along with the gift tag would be a great idea – especially at Easter!

This morning at Bible study, I was the recipient of a tasty holiday treat.  Cupcakes with green coconut grass and jelly beans.  Super simple (as is everything I do in the kitchen) but, truly, the joy is in the thoughtfulness of the gift.  Being remembered and being “gifted”!!  It was a delightful morning.  You don’t have to be incredibly talented in the kitchen (although I do envy those who are!!) to enjoy the holidays by sharing and gifting.

I hope your Easter includes a tasty treat – or two!! – this weekend!!

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  1. Awww, Jennifer, I love these sweet treat ideas you’ve shared here. I’ll be honest and say that it’s been hard to find the time and energy to think about making treats for others. BUT, I’ll be sending dessert with my son for a party next week. maybe I’ll try making the pretzel dots. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful gift ideas. And the fact that they’re simple is even better. 🙂

    1. All about simple in my kitchen:) I think your son (and you!) will enjoy those pretzel dots!! Happy Easter friend!

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