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I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was special – and involved a lot of change…or new things for our family.  New, in a good way.  (New people. New places.  New plans and new traditions.)  Actually, there has been quite a bit of change around here.  Hopefully, I will be sharing a bit more about those changes in the weeks ahead.  Without realizing it, I think “change” has even impacted my word for the new year.

Although I do enjoy making resolutions – more of a personal goals-setting activity for me – I really find a “word for the year” to be helpful.  It keeps me mentally focused.  (And, I can use all the focus help I can find.)  I will also post more, next week, about my word…but I can give you a preview.  My 2019 word is:  SURRENDER. See the connection?  Between change and surrender.  It is a great word, for me, for the months ahead.

There were other words that stayed on my heart.  One was SAVOR.  I love that word – and the idea of completely appreciating and enjoying something.  It is so easy to go through the day on auto-pilot.  Or to become so focused on a daily agenda.  Or to become so familiar with our routine and/or comfort zone that we actually miss the day.  We miss the details.  The small things and, often, the divine appointments that God puts in our path.  I don’t want to go through my days that way.

To savor my days is to mentally slow down.  To take notice.  To be fully engaged.  And then to enjoy each day. Even if it is not my word for 2019, it is still a wonderful goal.  I tried it over the last few weeks leading to Christmas.  I wanted to intentionally savor all the little details that combine to make Christmas uniquely special for me and my family.   Toward the end of the month, I joined Whitney at Come Home for Comfort, as well as a few of her friends, for an Instagram challenge.  It was 12 Days of Cozy.  My Instagram skills are very basic, to say the least, but I loved looking at the everyday Christmas things around my home and seeing them in a fresh way – and enjoying them.

My Instagram is located on the sidebar and you can see the photos I posted during the challenge there.  I won’t repost them here but I hope you enjoy a peek into our Christmas – and, yes, there might be more than just a couple of pictures of our granddog!!  At the end of the challenge, I even won a prize.  Chosen from the participants.  Who would have guessed?  Being chosen is a special feeling – and was actually another word I had prayed over for next year.  CHOSEN.  So many words to choose from…..

I pray that you have a wonderful new year’s celebration and that your heart is anticipating good things – blessed things – in the year ahead.  Next week I will share a quick recipe on Tuesday and then will post more about 2019’s word….SURRENDER.  I anticipate some changes for my blog, too, but for now, I will continue to post every Tuesday and Friday.

Happiest New Year wishes –


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