Tell His Story

Surrendering Plan B

Imagine this scenario.  A husband and wife are hurrying through the morning activities and are planning the evening.  The wife says she will be home later than usual and asks hubbie if he can get dinner ready.  She gives him some suggestions/directions on what is available and what will need to be done.  “No problem,”… Read More Surrendering Plan B


“Make Thee An Ark….”

Several months ago, we “cut the cord.” Or, we canceled our cable.  And we haven’t missed it one minute…well, except for HomeTown.  Have you watched HomeTown?  Absolutely one of our favorite shows and we had to manage a way to watch the current series without our cable subscription.  If you are not familiar with it,… Read More “Make Thee An Ark….”


My Word for This Year

I am not athletic.  Never have been.  I’m actually not even super keen on athletics.  It seems so many games, and sporting events happen…well, outdoors and, if I’m not athletic, I am certainly not outdoorsy.  I love God’s beauty seen in nature and I appreciate the health benefits of getting outside, but in my heart… Read More My Word for This Year


A Lover of Words

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was special – and involved a lot of change…or new things for our family.  New, in a good way.  (New people. New places.  New plans and new traditions.)  Actually, there has been quite a bit of change around here.  Hopefully, I will be sharing a bit more about… Read More A Lover of Words