A March 2023 Daybook Entry

Hello Wednesday!  I hope everyone is right in the middle of a wonderful week!  I thought I would do another daybook entry today.  I had hoped to do one of these a month – for some reason, I personally find them interesting when I go back and re-read them – but, then again, sometimes I feel like that might be too much.  These posts can be a bit repetitive and even boring.  All that aside, I just realized I completely missed a daybook entry for February.  How did that happen?  Actually, I know exactly how that happened.  The same way that I missed much of February altogether.  Who knows exactly all that I missed.  But, thankfully (so very thankfully), that month is in the past and, yes I am glad that life keeps moving forward.  The rhythm of time and faithfulness of a new day is definitely something I have been appreciating more and more lately!  So….why not?  Let’s do another daybook entry.  Oh, if I am completely honest and transparent…these posts require minimal thinking and brain power.  So, there’s that:)

Enough rambling.  Enjoy….and leave me a comment.  Let me know what you have been appreciating a little bit extra lately.  Also, please come back on Friday.  It is time (already) for this month’s Share Four Something post.  Until then, have a great week!

The Weather – is so very confused.  Signs of spring are everywhere.  The calendar says it is spring as well.  But the temperatures are chilly.  Extra chilly.  The days have been warming up nicely but, in my humble opinion, are still several degrees below spring-like temperatures.  I hear lots of folks thinking/suggesting that winter could rear its ugly head at any time.  Everyone warns me not to get fooled. And, yes, we have had snow in April (UGH) but I refuse to think about that.  I truly believe we made it through an entire winter season without one snow storm.  Not even any measurable snow.  Just one morning of a few flurries.  I am taking that as a huge win!!  Probably the closest I will ever get to living in a two-season climate!
As I look outside my window  – all of the maple trees up and down the street are beginning to bud.  And they are all red.  Why do I not remember these from all the springs before?  I really thought the new leaves started out pale green and then deepened.  But, red? These are not new trees on the block.  I’m sure they have budded like this every year but, apparently, my memory is worse than I realize.  Or my observation skills need fine tuning.  Nevertheless, they are quite pretty.  The tulip trees are also blooming and are very pretty.  Ah, and my favorite forsythia is in full bloom!  That one I always notice….and enjoy!!
This morning, I am – feeling so well.  I just want to thank the Lord publicly!  Today marks seven weeks since my surgery.  I seemed to turn the proverbial corner around six weeks (six long weeks!) and have just felt better and better each day!  I am so grateful for each little milestone and sign of progress.  Ah, and the joy of a good night’s sleep!  Blissful.  Thankful for that as well!
Lately, I have been thinking about – all the similarities and applications of the Israelites’ wilderness wandering and the current journey the Lord is leading me through.  Not trying to be dramatic – although I do feel this has been a bit of a wilderness – but my current Bible study has been in the book of Exodus.  God has used that study to not only encourage me but to teach me some practical and powerful lessons as I see my unexpected journey/turn in the road through their experiences.
What I’m wearing – the same thing on repeat.  Or, at least, that is how it feels.  Not quite ready for warmer weather clothes but not exactly winter sweater weather either.  My selection of “in between” clothes is apparently limited.  And a bit boring.  Thankfully, until just recently, I have not been out much so three outfits on repeat has been working.  Sorta.
On the menu this week – lazy lasagna.  At least that is what most recipes call it.  Funny.  It is a typical lasagna recipe but frozen ravioli is used instead of lasagna noodles.  It’s actually “on the menu” for tonight.  Hope it is as good as the recipe photos!  Later this week, I’m hoping for pizza on Friday (I’ve been wanting white pizza for awhile now!) and then hoping to break out the grill on Saturday for the first official weekend of spring.  We don’t grill too often but maybe this will be the year.
I’m looking around the house – and realize those bunnies have not make it out of their bins yet.  Was hoping to do that earlier in the week but I’m really enjoying things just looking “normal” or every day.  Perhaps I won’t do a full bunny explosion but a few here or there will look cute.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting too old for constant seasonal/holiday décor changes.  I enjoy our seasonal things but, truthfully, it does sometimes feel like a chore.  My opinion changes on this daily.
My To-Do List – bringing spring to the Junior Church room.  Whether I change things up at home or not, I do enjoy making the classroom look seasonally appropriate and fun!  Right now, there are snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  As noted above, I’m embracing spring.  Good-bye all reminders of winter…and snow.  (Did I mention that I am not a fan??!)  By Sunday, it will be all spring and Easter in our room!!  I have a sneaky suspicion that once I see the classroom smiling with spring, I’ll be wanting (more than just a few of) the bunnies around the house.  We will see.
A thought to share –  “Our source of hope is not the absence of problems but, rather, in knowing God is in control not matter what happens.  Or where He leads.”  I am so grateful that He is the source of my hope!!
And, from my camera.  Just got this yesterday from my brother.  Those tulip trees that I mentioned earlier.  Definitely not the best quality shot. He snapped this on his walk to work.  These are in bloom downtown.  I know the cherry blossoms steal the show this time of year….but all the budding trees make us smile.  He loves to send me these type of photos.  And I love getting them:)

4 thoughts on “A March 2023 Daybook Entry

  1. Fun post to read! I enjoy your insights on the little things and big things alike ;). Glad you turned a corner after your surgery- hoping the healing continues and that you don’t feel too blah in your “in between clothes” lol. A lot of what you said resonated with me but I will comment mostly on the fluff- the bunnies! I, too, cannot decide when and how much to decorate for this season. I know that I will but I agree with everything you said in your about the house section. Take care and have a great Wednesday.

  2. Hi Jennifer~ I like your daybook! Like all the others, I love to hear your take on life, it’s always fun to hear. I’m so glad you are feeling better and getting your energy back. I loved the photo your brother sent you. We are patiently waiting for even a sprig of green to appear in our yard :0/
    I don’t decorate for spring/Easter either. I do have a few bunnies that I sit on a little table, but that’s about it. Lazy lasagna sounds really good, my kind of meal. Have a great rest of the week! Hugs, Barb

  3. YAY for turning the corner!! Praising God with you!!! I know about wilderness seasons, not exactly like you, but our time in Greece was very much a dry and barren land, and I felt a lot like Job! But, God is good, even in these seasons, and thank God they are seasons and not our full-time reality!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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