Good Monday Morning 03.20.23

Happy Monday!  It is a pretty morning here….clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  There is quite a layer of frost on the vehicles outside and, yes, it is rather chilly for the first day of spring but I’ll take all the sunshine.  And hooray for making it official – winter is over!  Let’s hope the weather gets the message and starts to act properly spring-like!  Whatever the weather, the week ahead looks like a rather routine one which is quite welcome.  It is time to (mentally) switch gears and starting thinking spring as well.  I cannot say that I am ready for spring cleaning (no need to rush) but a few bunnies here or there would be nice.  I think I might get the spring bins down this week – and Easter is just around the corner.  Not only does our Junior Church room need to bloom with spring but I also enjoy planning some Easter fun for the kiddos.  I think I’ll work on that this week as well.

Thinking of Junior Church, we were discussing (and trying to better understand) the idea of “your wish is my command.”  That was fun yesterday morning.  Oh the things one can wish for when the sky is the limit.  And you are five:)  I was telling the story of David’s “mighty men” and their daring plan to get their beloved king a simple drink of water.  Apparently, this story is not as well known as many others.  (Do you know it?)  It was fun teaching a story/lesson that was brand new and unfamiliar to the entire class.  It was a nice Sunday.

Saturday was also a nice day.  We spent the day in one of our nearby older towns…..wondering our favorite antique mall and then had lunch at our favorite restaurant.  We were not disappointed.  Well, not with the lunch.  The shopping was a bit of a dud but lunch was delicious.  We are having a bit of countdown here at our house.  Looking forward to summer for a variety of reasons.  It is a twelve week count and this past weekend was week one….done.  Our day trip was “a celebration” of sorts, and I will say it was a success.  I’m certainly not one for wishing time away but, sometimes, having something to anticipate and look toward can be not only helpful but a lot of fun too!

I hope you have a great week ahead.  I hope you are looking forward to something even this week.  Even if it is just dessert on Fridays!  Ah, that reminds me…..we had dessert on Saturday.  We rarely order dessert (and, to be sure, we paid way too much for said dessert) but it was delicious.  Bread pudding (which we love) but it was peaches and cream bread pudding.  Had never even heard of such a bread pudding delight but, trust me, it was wonderful.  If you are ever offered such a dessert…..order it.  And look at the price later!!  Happy Monday, friends!

10 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 03.20.23

  1. It sounds like you guys had a really nice weekend. So did we. Yes, I am familiar with that story, but I don’t recall ever teaching it before.

    1. Hello! And Happy spring! It is cold here in Pennsylvania, but the sun is shining, so I will take it! Your dessert sounds amazing. Steve loves bread pudding and peaches, to boot! Have a cozy day, my friend!

  2. It is so important to have something to look forward to. I like knowing when I am going to see my daughter in Ft. Worth. Having a visit with her on the horizon helps me get through the days and weeks and months between visits. Hope you are able to come up with some fun activities for Easter with your Junior Church students. I see so many darling ideas on Pinterest that I want to do with my grandbabies but there is just not time to do them all.

    Hope your mornings of heavy frost are soon behind you for months to come.

  3. A funny story about dessert…on Sunday David and I went to one of our favorite restaurants and I talked him into ordering the bread pudding to take home for later. This is a man who NEVER orders dessert, but he loves bread pudding, so he was excited about the idea of having some for his evening snack. When we finished our lunch and the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, David remembered the bread pudding and enthusiastically ordered some to go. Guess what? They were out of bread pudding! He was so disappointed!

    Oh well…there’s always next time 🙂

  4. We put our clocks forward an hour this weekend so officially enter ‘British Summer Time’ – however our weather seems to be stuck on ‘end of winter’!
    It is always good to have something to look forward to and that doesn’t have to mean wishing the days away does it? We all need a little glimmer of something on the horizon.
    Pleased to hear that dessert more than matched your expectations and for that it was worth every penny!

    1. British Summer Time. I love that! Sounds much more fun that Daylight Savings Time. I’m embracing Summer Time:)

  5. I am loving that for this first week of spring we have had sunny weather every single day and blue skies too! It hasn’t been super warm but that’s okay; I’m just happy to see the sun again.

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