A Reason for Anniversaries

Earlier this summer, our church celebrated its 36th anniversary.  It was a time to reflect on the history of the church and to rehearse all God has done through the years – bringing us from a  small group of charter members meeting in a high school choir room to the church family and home we have now.

In a similar way, my husband and I will celebrate our 33rd anniversary next month.  Although there have been lean years as well as abundant ones and dark, grief-filled days along with the joyful ones, each anniversary is a time to remember God’s faithfulness and goodness through all the days.  When we do so (whether as a church or as a couple), we are encouraged, and even excited for the future – whatever might lay ahead!

In the old testament, memorials were often made as reminders of what God had said, done or promised.  After the Lord sought out and met with Gideon while he was threshing wheat, “Gideon built an altar and called it Jehovahshalom….” (Judges 6:24).  The God of Peace.  There was a battle before Gideon.  Hard days and challenges – but Gideon did not need to be fearful or anxious.  He could have courage, and even a peace-filled heart, because he knew God’s word.  Had heard His promises.  And had personally met with the God of Peace.

We need anniversaries.  We need memorials.  We need to often remember and recount past victories and God’s word for the future.  And then we can anticipate the days, weeks and years ahead with confidence, hope, and even joy!!

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