Journaling is hard – or at least hard for me.  I love words – LOVE words…..and I love (also LOVE) to write – but something about journaling my own thoughts and opinions has never come easy.  Write a poem – can do.  Write a story – got that too.  Even an essay or term paper….yes, boring, but I can write that too.  But the whole sharing your heart always seems to stump me.  Nevertheless, I want to write.

There is so much that goes through this brain of mine…thoughts and ideas (good ones and lame ones), things that pluck my nerves and others that make my heart swell.  Honestly, God is so good to me.  I feel so blessed and know that He is constantly teaching me, molding me…reminding me.  But there is the problem, I just cannot remember it all.  At least, not all at the same time.  I want to remember – remember the blessings, the good ideas, that whisper from God – I want to remember all of it and the only way I can do that is to write it down!

What can a girl with a heart overflowing do?  Well, blog.  Of course.  And, maybe – just maybe – in the process of my writing down thoughts or inspirations, recording events (wow! or simply every day) and capturing on paper the lessons learned that I hope will continue to effect me…well, maybe they will be an encouragement to someone else along the say.  Most of all, I pray they will be a reflection of God’s goodness.

So, let the blog begin (again).

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