April 2019 – By the Numbers

Tomorrow is a new month.  Another new beginning.  I always look forward to these fresh starts – whether the start of a new day, a new week or even a new month.  I love the anticipation of all the new month has in store, but I also enjoy looking back.  Remembering the big events – as well as all the little joys – from the month just ending.  April is one of my favorite months.  Yes, there is my birthday:) but, mainly, because April brings spring!!  And spring makes my heart happy!  Here are a few other April highlights.

EIGHT – the number of afternoons spent playing UNO and other table games with my senior friends.  I have mentioned it often, but these afternoons are definitely a highlight of each week.  The laughs are plenty and, honestly, I just never know what might be said.  (or done).  As much as life is a steady routine there – and the residents thrive on it – I always anticipate something new or unique.

ONE – the number of field trips taken with the same group of friends and, as well, the number of trips canceled.  Weather is always iffy in April and definitely impacts outings with a large group of seniors with walkers and wheelchairs.  Our trip downtown has been rescheduled but we did have a beautiful afternoon at the tulip farm.  There were over 1.2 million bulbs planted for this year’s many fields of tulips!  How many varieties of tulips do you think they included?

FOUR HUNDRED – yes, indeed.  Who knew there were even more than three types of tulips??

EIGHT – number of friends from church who attended the volunteer lunch at the nursing home.  Different from the assisted living near me, I am also involved with the nursing home ministry at church.  We go once a month and sing, visit and share the gospel.  Apparently, April is also volunteer appreciation month (something else I did not know) and we were invited to a lunch and nice afternoon together.

FIVE – minutes we were late (and my husband is never late) to a wedding no less!  And military weddings start right.on.time.  Of course, we were five minutes late to a military wedding and we, literally, walked in with the wedding party.  If I ever tried to be a “wallflower” that was the time.  I tried to jam myself in the nearest corner of the vestibule but not sure how successful I was.  Nevertheless, the ceremony was lovely and the reception was beautiful!!  I thought the flowers were gorgeous!  I was married in September – and it was a picture-perfect outdoor wedding – but, actually, our first choice was a May wedding.  It certainly turned out wonderful but I have always thought spring weddings are perfect!

SIX – the number gathered around the table for Easter brunch.  Easter morning was a beautiful day!  My son joined us at church.  The choir special was “He is Alive” and I have been singing that song for weeks since then!  It was a new song for me and I love it!  Brunch was okay.  Having my family gathered was wonderful – but the food was disappointing.  Still a very nice Easter.

ONE – a year away from thirty – from another decade – is where my son is now!  I don’t know how it is possible that I am close to having not one, but two, children “in their 30’s”…but what a joy and delight it is to be their mom!  He celebrated his birthday with rock climbing and sushi.  Two of his favorite things.  No rock climbing for me but dinner at a Japanese steakhouse was great.  And, no sushi for me either.  Just sayin.

FIFTY SOME ODD – the number of years I celebrated at another birthday!  I am so blessed with family and friends that go overboard to make me feel special and celebrate my day with so much love!  Thank you to each and every one!  My heart was full to bursting!  And, between birthdays, weddings and special holidays,  I think my quota for cake is also full to overflowing.  I am looking forward to all this next year ahead holds in store.  And to a sugar-free May!!

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