Endless Opportunity in this Season of Life

Ah, the empty nest season of life.  With all of its changes and adjustments, it really is a season ripe with possibilities.  With opportunity.  With fewer demands of my time, I have more freedom to say “yes” – as the Lord leads.  I have more resources, more experience and (hopefully) more wisdom to invest wherever He might allow me.  Of course, multiple decades of living has also given me experience.  Some good, some not so good and some painful.

Past experience can be very valuable.  It has refined me as well as taught me much about myself.  But those same experiences – lessons learned through living – can also be hinderances….stumbling blocks.  They can easily become excuses that become a complete obstacle.  Past failures, defeats, and disappointments (in yourself or with others) can stop us from seizing today’s opportunities.  Sometimes it is the struggle itself- the genuine “hard road” regardless of the result- that gives us cause to be hesitant.  No longer naive, we question our ability and shy away from opportunities that involve risk.  Or certainly, ones that push out of our comfort zone.  Our comfortable nest.

Henry Ford said:  “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again; this time more intelligently.”

Yes, this season of life is a wide-open door of opportunity.  Allowing my past to be my teacher and God to be my helper, the possibilities for continuing to serve, make an impact and leave a legacy are endless.  My prayer is to walk through each and every one of those open doors!

My thoughts this week on “opportunity” with the Five Minute Friday linkup!  Have you had a new door recently open up??

2 thoughts on “Endless Opportunity in this Season of Life

  1. I agree, as we gain experience and maturity, it can be easier to see the potential risks and difficulties instead of being open to the opportunities. So important to focus on God and seek his wisdom about the opportunities he wants us to take!

    1. I’m constantly seeking more wisdom so I don’t miss His opportunities! Thanks for stopping by, Lesley!

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