SuperBowl 2009

Are you ready for some football??? Yes, I know…I’ve sorta made it clear that I’m not a big sports fan and, truth be told, I’m not a loyal fan to any team really…but, if you’re going to watch the game…you might as well choose a side! So, why the Steelers? I’m cheering for Amy.

I met Amy at Camp Friendship – the same camp for kids with cancer that my son attended and LOVED – the year after Tyler died. She had the exact type of brain tumor Tyler did. I was instantly drawn to her love of life attitude, her playful spirit, her smile and the sweet way she bonded herself to the “underdog”!! Amy was a true Steeler fan!! Her Make-a-Wish trip took her to meet the team and a life-size poster of the quarterback is proudly displayed in her family room. It hasn’t even been a full year since Amy joined Tyler (and too many others their age) in Heaven and I have been thinking about her mom a lot this week! Hannah’s testimony is sweet and like all grieving moms she is trusting the Lord to help her through one day at a time.

So, this Sunday..I’ll be rooting for the Steelers!! What about you? And does anyone have a great menu plan for the game…something new and interesting? I’ve been thinking about it – but so far, I’ve got nothin’! Please share your ideas…and have a great weekend! GO STEELERS!

One thought on “SuperBowl 2009

  1. That’s such a touching story that you shared…thank you!

    The only reason I’m pulling for the Steelers is because my brother-in-law is a HUGE fan! I really could care less about the Super Bowl. Brittany’s birthday is on Sunday, so our day will revolve mostly around her.

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