Burden Bearers

Thankful Thursday….and I have to let everyone know that I (finally) received a call from my doctor and the scan was CLEAN! Such an answer to prayer and I truly want to thank everyone for your prayers, kind thoughts and inquiries…which actually leads me to my Thankful Thursday thought today – burden bearers.

I opened my email box yesterday and there was a quick note from a friend asking about my scan and reminding me that she is praying for me! Such a simple thing – but sent to me exactly when I needed it and a blessing that she, no doubt, wouldn’t even realize. And there have been many that have lifted me up in prayer…through my cancer, through Tyler’s illness and in those dark (dark) days after his death…and through numerous other days – even the “routine”! These sweet friends supporting me are my burden bearers.
I read a devotion once that used that term – taken from the four friends who carried their invalid friend on a mat to meet Jesus – and I love it. God has placed many such burden bearers in my life and I am so grateful for each one of them. What a wonderful blessing!
We are all called to be burden bearers….Galatians 6:2 “bear ye one another’s burdens…” Doing so may actually require sacrifice on our part – whether our time, our resources or more – but often it is as simple as an email, a phone call or even hug. Heeding this scripture not only allows us to be used as a blessing but, no doubt, we are richly blessed in return. Thank you, Lord, for all my sweet “burden bearers.”

10 thoughts on “Burden Bearers

  1. Praise the Good Lord that everything is fine…I had such a good feeling that it would be! Anytime you need a little help carrying a load…you know where to find us!

  2. I absolutely love the devotion of which you spoke, but I heard it a little differently. I heard it as a village who had to carry any sick or wounded villager miles across very rough terrain to get to the nearest place with a doctor. They would form teams (4, 8, 10.. I guess it depends on how big your village is), and a team would pick up the stretcher and carry their friend. When they got too tired to go any farther, they’d lay the stretcher down, and the next team would step into place so swiftly that nary a beat was missed. On and on they went, passing the hurting one from hands to hands, until they finally reached the place of healing. And so it is with the “villagers” in your life who help to carry your stretcher, whether it be by physical deeds or by lifting you in prayer. We all need burden bearers and “sheltering trees” (I just did a post on that) in our lives….

  3. Praise the Lord! I know this news is such a relief to you and your family. And like April said, anytime you need some help, just let us know…we love you!

  4. You know, after I posted my comment, I realized that I didn’t even say “Hallelujah” and lift a praise here for clear scans. What a wonderful thing it is, to hear the doctor say “Clean…” And just imagine how much BETTER it will be in front of the judgment seat of Christ, when He is able to look at us and simply say “Clean… come on in….” I’m happy to pray for you and confident that I can solicit you for prayers when I’m in need.. and THAT is a burden-lifter!
    hugs and blessings…

  5. Oh Jennifer,

    I rejoice with you for the GOOD news!!!

    You have been through so much, but I only see beauty, not ashes…

    Thanks for being so real and for loving the Lord through it all.

    You are an inspiration to so many!

    What an honor it is to help carry other’s burdens. This is what we are called to do.


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