At Least, One of Us Had Fun in the Snow:)

I had thought I would do my daybook entry today…but all of my entries seem to settle around one thing – snow! It seems to be consuming our thoughts – our days! – lately. So, in an effort to maintain my good attitude – or at least squelch my poor attitude (enough already!), I’m just sharing a few more snow photos:)
I actually was outside yesterday – and shoveled snow! Probably should get that one down on the blog for memory’s sake. I will admit the dogs are totally entertaining in the snow. I don’t really have any pictures of our little Rascal….he barely ventures out of the garage – its cold out there and that is one smart puppy! The big one, though, would stay outside all day!
Hopefully,these will be the last of snow photos. They were taken on my cell phone and are not the best quality but want to share them with my family suffering in Florida (those chilly 50 degree nights are just getting to them!) Puhlease. Although my daughter told me she has never built a snowman in her life….her life! Is that the saddest or what?
“Can I jump? or just ski down??”
“I KNOW this is where I usually “mess with” the birds???”
Seriously…does she have the cutest face, or what??

Talk about cute?? My studly, hard-workin Hubby!!

10 thoughts on “At Least, One of Us Had Fun in the Snow:)

  1. Glad that you all are digging out…and that Bailey had some fun! 🙂 I think maybe Rascal has the right idea!
    Our driveway and sidewalk are done, now we just need to work on the deck.
    Hope you have a good day, Jennifer.

  2. Whoa Girl,
    Yall do have some snow going on there to say the least. That looks like all that shoveling would be pretty exhausting especially if it is a daily thing. Your doggie looks like she is lovin it, course, she can just play in it and not shovel it or have to worry about driving in it!! lol You would think her lil paws would be freezing off! lol
    Hope this is your last bout with snowfall for the year! I am sure all you Northern girls are sooooooo ready for spring it is pitiful! We are gonna be a lot happier to see Spring burst forth than normally, even here in Florida.
    Try to keep warm girlie, and your dog is so cute, she does have an
    adorable face.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. so fun! Are you supposed to get more on Tuesday and Wednesday like us? They are saying 12-16 inches for my area. I have no idea where it's going go considering the 24.8 inches we just got this weekend!

  4. Oh my…your dog seems to have the right attitude…haha…I have no idea how I would cope, probably not well knowing me. I get cold soo easily anymore. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie

  5. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for your blog. I found your site through our mutual friend at Smelling Coffee.

    You have a really cute site, and I appreciate your honesty. I"m so sorry to about your son.

    I'm new to this world so I appreciate any suggestions you might have!

    Blessings to you,

  6. Look at all of that snow!!!! You're jealous of Disney, I'm jealous of snowmen! We should just team up and spend time together! That way, we'd both be happy….

  7. Wow, you all did get socked with snow. I know you are sick of it. But I guess there isn't anything we can do about the weather, but make the best of it. Spring will be here before we know it. I can't wait to see the daffodils. Your dog is so precious! Love & blessings from NC!

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