Our Blizzard

The snow has finally stopped!! And, my goodness, did it snow! The weatherman just said they recorded 32 inches at the airport (not far from here!) All I know is there is ALOT of snow:)

And let the shoveling begin…… Actually, Hubbie has been working in stages since last night but this one was hard to keep up with. (Just for the record, I am very supportive – and keep the fire going (its gas:) ) and the hot coffee coming!!) Am I brave, or what??

I tried to get pictures but it is just white everywhere…well, because it is simply snow everywhere you look!!

Even the strong and sturdy evergreens are groaning – and I have no idea how our bushes are fairing down under those inches – no feet – of snow!

The snow is even too much for the dog – ha! (How does one “take care of business” like this??)
And I won’t even get started on another storm headed our way for Tuesday. Are. You. Kidding. Me. It is going to be a long – uh, I mean, cozy weekend:)

8 thoughts on “Our Blizzard

  1. Wow! That is a lot of snow, especially for your state! How often to you get snow?
    Here in Wisconsin, we get hit so often with snow, it feels weird to NOT to get in on a big storm like this!

    Great photos!! You'll have documentation of the "great blizzard of 2010"! 🙂
    I hope everyone is safe and that your family can enjoy the snow. It sure is beautiful!

    Stay safe and Warm!!

    Linda C

  2. We are so lucky that the snow we awoke to yesterday morning quickly turned to rain (thank goodness)! It rained so hard all day that we would have had a heavy snow like you all did. We still have a ton of snow on the ground from a snowstorm we had over a week ago. It has stayed so cold that the snow has not melted. I am ready for spring, aren't you? I hope your power does not go out. Enjoy your weekend being hibernated inside. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. i know! this is crazy. Nathan was supposed to fly in today from Texas but we changed it to tomorrow and the airline called this afternoon to say the flight tomorrow is cancelled! BWI is remaining closed tomorrow. so he was able to get the only seat available on a flight Tuesday night. So we'll see!

  4. Whoa……..Jennifer,
    You do have just a tad of snow.
    Oh my Heavens! Your poor hubby and doggie! Good he has you to bring him hot coffee!! I am sure
    he appreciates that very much, ya gotta have something to warm you up in weather like that.
    And you are suppose to be getting more??? Oh My!! It is gonna be a long week ahead, eh, cozy I know!! lol You are such a good sport and have such a good attitude.
    Will pray for you and hubby.
    Especially that he can keep up with the shoveling, my gracious.
    Have a cozy and warm, hot chocolate kind of Week!
    Blessings, nellie

  5. I think the White Witch from Narnia is tramping up and down the eastern seaboard! And I am rather jealous! We have had an unseasonally warm winter and I do believe Spring is arriving! The frogs are croaking, the daffodils are up and I see my peonies are poking their heads through! I'm not ready ~ I'm still in Winter mode!
    Keep up the good work 'keeping the fire going and the coffee coming!!' while hubby shovels the snow. And you did get out in it to take the pictures, right? You are brave, indeed! ;~D
    Stay safe.

    p.s. I am getting a kick out of my word verification ~ phiesti
    haha Yes, I can be!

  6. WOW….I honestly just can't imagine it…We too have been hit with a big storm today. Pounding rain, thunder, lightening, the works…It is 42 outside tonight and seems just freezing to me…however it is suppose to be sunny tomorrow with a 65 high. Good thing with a house full of people coming, haha. Have a good day tomorrow…Hugs, Debbie

  7. Wow! That's a lot of snow!!!! It's beautiful! And yes – you are brave just like a pioneer woman – keeping that gas fireplace burning and the coffee warming. 🙂

    Stay warm…

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