Baby Sarah

Thankful Thursday…..and today I am rejoicing with my wonderful friends at the birth of their daughter, Sarah, who was born Tuesday night. Delivery went smoothly and Mommy, Daddy and Sarah are all doing well. Sarah is beautiful. Truly, the miracle of birth and, then, soaking in a newborn…..those ten tiny toes, button nose and the feel of downy hair….is the clearest picture of our amazing Creator, Savior and God.

Not only am I thanking Him for Sarah, but I am also thankful for Sarah’s big brother and sister who have been at my house for the last two days – what fun! It has been sixteen years since the last newborn at our house and how quickly those “little people” years go by! Hubbie and I have so loved the chatter, the laughter, the bedtime stories, GeoTrax (this was new for me!) and the hugs!! In the past two days, I have been to Chuck E Cheese – twice – and had dinner at McDonalds…if that really counts as a dinner?!?! (yes..I tend to be a bit too outspoken against fast food – for myself – but isn’t amazing what little sweethearts can cause us to do) 🙂
It has been a fun and busy two days. My hat truly goes off to all the mommies of preschoolers who love their babies and still find time to blog, clean their homes, (shower themselves), to stay in the Word, to love their hubbies and to take care of the one million other things that demand their attention! God will richly reward you… you keep focused on the “best” things of the so many things that need to be done.

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